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Hey You Kids, Cut That Out!

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Kissing, hugging, hand-holding - we see it all. PDA (personal displays of affection) are common things at middle schools, high schools, and colleges. Whether you dislike it or are not bothered by it, we can all say that we have been around PDA enough to know that it's commonly accepted in today's society. With the help of seven friendly citizens, I learned what some of you Whyvillians think regarding PDA.

I asked these questions:

Kittieme: Do you see PDA (personal displays of affection) often?

Ibeleanna: I see them all the time.
Chikkakh: Yes. PDA is a very open and popular thing at the high school where I attend. Almost every corner, hallway, and doorways, are filled with couples showing PDA.
Sk8er0014: Yes, very often.
DocVP: Yes, I do - everywhere: at the mall, school, around the neighborhood and everywhere else.
Dxdxdxdx: Yes, I see it very often in my school. It seems that every corner I turn has some couple showing some sort of affection. There's a lot of it.
Amanda: Absolutely, all types of affection being displayed at a regular occurrence.
ChumIsFum: Yes.

Kittieme: Does PDA bother you?

Ibeleanna: It bothers me a lot.
Chikkakh: Some types of PDA such as hand-holding, hugging, and even small, quick kisses don't bother me. However, when you are unable to walk to class without being stopped by couples making out as they are walking down the halls, that's when it bothers me.
Sk8er0014: Sometimes, depending on what kind it is.
DocVP: Yes, and no. It bothers me when it gets past kissing or hugs, but just a peck on the cheek is fine by me.
Dxdxdxdx: Not usually, but when it crosses the line it does. I mean, it's fine to hug and exchange a quick kiss; but if it's a full out make out session, it's kind of disturbing to watch. I know I don't like seeing it when I'm out and about.
Amanda: It does in certain ways. However, the majority of the time I don't seem to take that much notice. In only bothers me when the executors don't have any care for the innocent bystanders.
ChumIsFum: Well, since I'm single it'll bother me for the most part . . . but you know a little goodbye kiss or a hug isn't bad. The lip-smacking and all of that isn't necessary.

Kittieme: Where do you see the most PDA?

Ibeleanna: On Whyville at places like South.
Chikkakh: I see the most PDA at school. Hallways, doorways, etc.
Sk8er0014: I would have to say at the mall.
DocVP: I can't pinpoint the EXACT place, but mostly at school.
Dxdxdxdx: Probably at a mall, or at my school. My school has tons of it, I can't go anywhere without seeing some sort of PDA. It can get quite annoying after a while.
Amanda: Walking down the street, school campuses and parks.
ChumIsFum: In the hallways or hidden areas by the stairs.

Kittieme: What do you think of people that openly show PDA?

Ibeleanna: I think they are show-offs.
Chikkakh: I think most of the time, couples are craving attention when they show PDA.
Sk8er0014: I think that they don't care about the example they are setting for the children around them.
DocVP: I am happy for them; being in a relationship is a happy thing.
Dxdxdxdx: I think it's their decision and they can do what they want. My opinion is just simply it shouldn't be too involved, just a hug or a kiss, not a make-out session. I would not want to make out with my significant other in front of lots of other people.
Amanda: It does not make you any less of a person. It does however show confidence and charm!
ChumIsFum: In my opinion, I think open PDA is another way to say "Hey, he/she is mine do not touch" And I'm thinking, 'Look, seeing you two close together or holding hands is enough for me to guess that you two are a couple. You don't have to prove to everyone else that you're a couple. I think we get the hint . . .'

Kittieme: Have you ever shown PDA?

Ibeleanna: I've never once in my life shown PDA.
Chikkakh: If hugging a guy friend is showing PDA, then yes. Any other forms of PDA, nope.
Sk8er0014: No.
DocVP: Yes; there's no crime against that.
Dxdxdxdx: Yes, but nothing more than a hug or kiss. I don't believe that making out in public is acceptable.
Amanda: No comment.
ChumIsFum: No.

Kittieme: What would you suggest for people that show PDA?

Ibeleanna: I would suggest for them not to show it because it makes them look bad.
Chikkakh: I would suggest that people who show PDA need to wait until there is an appropriate time and place . . . away from the public, or at least not where they can get in the way!
Sk8er0014: That they should show a little more respect for the people around them.
DocVP: No further comments.
Dxdxdxdx: They can do what they want, and I don't know if I am the only one with this opinion, but if they want to make out with their significant other, they should do it in a more private location, instead of right in the open.
Amanda: It's all well and fair. But please remember that people can see you! Keep it modest and clean - nothing that can demoralize you.
ChumIsFum: That a simple kiss goodbye or holding hands is all the PDA that needs to be shown.

I would like to thank Ibeleanna, Chikkakh, Sk8er0014, DocVP, Dxdxdxdx, Amanda, and ChumIsFum for their answers! There were so many different opinions and great points brought up. I surely learned a lot about peoples' opinions on PDA, and I'm sure other readers have too.


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