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I'll admit it, I'm a theater freak. I will soak in every little inkling of information I can get about theater, actors, Broadway, etc. I'm constantly listening to Broadway music and almost nothing else. Of course, I couldn't be the ONLY fanatic in the world, so I've hunted down a few of my fellow theater buffs and interviewed them on all things Broadway.

Take a peek at their responses.

Xoxkitkat: Have you ever attended a live Broadway play or seen a recording of one?

LoveEmma: I've seen a Broadway play, but not on Broadway; it was on a tour.
HP001: Yes.
VickiDeze: Unfortunately, no. It would be a dream come true to see a Broadway show, though.

Xoxkitkat: If so, which Broadway show is your favorite and why? And if not, what is your favorite play, in general?

LoveEmma: Well, the only one I've seen is Wicked, but I've seen snippets of others online and stuff. But Wicked is my favorite because of the dance, songs, and everything!
HP001: I saw a performance of Wicked and fell in love with the show. The show is just so magical, and I feel that it truly shows what Broadway is all about. The feelings you get from watching a show like that are beyond amazing.
VickiDeze: I haven't seen a Broadway performance yet, but my favorite musical is Rent.

Xoxkitkat: What is your favorite song from a Broadway musical?

LoveEmma: I really like "Popular" from Wicked. It's really catchy.
HP001: That's a tough question. The soundtracks for Wicked, Rent, Spring Awakening, and Next to Normal are all phenomenal, but if I had to pick one song, I'd have to say "Defying Gravity" from Wicked. I always get goosebumps listening to it.
VickiDeze: Probably "Defying Gravity" from Wicked or "Fantasies Come True" from Avenue Q.

Xoxkitkat: Do you feel it's worth the effort to travel to New York in order to see a Broadway performance? Why or why not?

LoveEmma: It depends . . . if it's one I'm dying to see, then I might. But if it's just one I'd like to see, probably not because of traveling expenses.
HP001: It's definitely worth it. Seeing a show on Broadway is like nothing else. Everything is so spectacular, and the actors in the shows are extremely talented. You get such a rush from seeing a show performed on Broadway. When you travel to New York to see a show on Broadway, there's so much more you can do than just see the show. New York City is spectacular in itself.
VickiDeze: I think if you're passionate about theater then yes it's worth it. Even if you're not I still think it's worth it. I think Broadway could be the place to change someone's opinion on theater.

Xoxkitkat: Additionally, do you think the price of a Broadway ticket is too expensive, and do you think the cost should be lowered?

HP001: I recently learned that the cost for actually putting on a Broadway show is about 500,000 dollars a week. That's a lot of money, and ticket sales are going to be paying for the continuation of the show. No, I don't think the tickets are too much money, and the cost should not be lowered. You're getting what you paid for and more when you go see a show on Broadway.
VickiDeze: It's expensive but I think it should stay the same.

Well, that's about it for our show! I loved hearing people's opinions about theater! If you're interested in Broadway, even if you can't get yourself to a Broadway theater, then I most definitely recommend seeing a play at your local community theater. Thank you to LoveEmma, HP001, and VickiDeze for their wonderful responses!


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