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One on One With Ducky464

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This week, I interviewed someone you all know. She's been on Whyville for around 6-7 years, and designs. Who is she? It is none other than ducky464!

DeadSnaii: How long have you been designing, and what got you started?
Ducky464: I began shortly after I joined Whyville on this account, in 2004. My real life interest in art lured me into Whyville's designing world.

DeadSnaii: From who or what do you get your ideas for designs from?
Ducky464: My crazy mind. A lot of stuff goes on in there.

DeadSnaii: As I understand, you are in college. What degree are you aiming for?
Ducky464: I am going to college for premedical biology so that I can pursue a career in dentistry or optometry. On a side note, I also love to write and am in the process of writing a book. I soon hope to get it published within the next year.

DeadSnaii: Lastly, do you deem yourself as one of the top 5 most popular designers in the past couple years and why?
Ducky464: Eh, I don't know. I try not to measure myself in terms of popularity because that doesn't matter to me. There's a plethora of talented designers on this site, so I'd like to acknowledge everyone rather than the most popular ones.

Those were excellent answers, Mira. I'd like to thank Mira for answering these questions, because I had fun reading them! Also, my dad is a dentist, so that'd be cool for you to [maybe] be one, too! Once again, watch out for next week's article because it just might be you!


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