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Brad Meltzer's Decoded: No Substitute for the Truth

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History is stock full of mysteries that were never uncovered. Of secret societies and sinister symbols placed right in front of our faces; the only problem? We have to decode them, and that's exactly what Brad Meltzer and his trio of professionals are doing on the brand new show "Brad Meltzer's Decoded".

The first episode premiered on December 2nd, when the team set out to find the missing Whitehouse cornerstone - or is it missing? Every Thursday at 10/9c on the History Channel, Buddy, Mack and Scott (with the help of Mr. Meltzer) tackle one of histories' mysteries. They've hunted down lost Confederate gold, researched the true meaning of the Statue of Liberty, and investigated the Culper Ring . . . and more!

They've been close to answering questions such as: did Meriwether Lewis commit suicide, or was he murdered? Did John Wilkes Booth really die in the barn, or did he escape? Are the Masons hiding the Whitehouse corner stone? Does the Statue of Liberty hold a darker meaning, or does it still stand for liberty and freedom? In last week's episode, they investigated the Culper Ring; a secret group of ordinary citizens (during the Revolutionary War) that uncovered information and sent it along a line of agents, until finally being reported to George Washington. One question still remains: are they still around?

The show isn't your typical history show with a load of conspiracy theories. They base all of their findings on fact, but never completely rule anything out. They speak with varying people who have differing opinions on the topic their researching, and look at official documents and papers. At the end of the show, Scott Rolle, Buddy Levy and Christine Mckinley discuss what they found and conclude with their opinions. However, nothing is set in stone; the facts, documents and stories are laid out for you to answer yourself.

In closing, I suggest you watch this week's episode, and read up on what they found in their past episodes - what you find may surprise you!

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