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Almost everyday I click on the red thumbtack at the top of the page and go to the BBS. Then I scroll down to the "Books and Writing" section. But the other day, as I did this, I saw a called section "Roleplay/RP" I immediately clicked and smiled so hard my cheeks hurt.

Whyville has a roleplay section!

A roleplay is when people post their own character's POVs (Point of Views) in order to write a story.

To join one, someone has to start a role-play thread. (I wouldn't recommend doing this until you've RPed a bit.)

The creator of the role-play will normally have the plot, rules, and a character form written within the first post, along with their character's form. A standard character form might look like this:


What you have to do is copy and paste the form, and fill it out according to what you want your character to be like.

I usually use the same character over and over, and me filling out the form would look like this:

Name: Vanessa Hope
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Nice, caring, sarcastic
Description: Dirty blonde hair that hangs about 3 inches past her shoulders when in it's usual up-high pony-tail. Tan, bright green eyes.
Other: N/A

You have to keep checking on the thread until the original creator posts their character's POV.

Once they do, you're free to make your character's POV, don't forget to post (Character's name) POV before every post, and make sure you go along with the main plot of the story.

The story may have some unexpected twists put in by yourself or other people, just go with it! Keep the story interesting, and remember to show, and not tell.

A beginning of a role-play might look like this.

Vanessa's POV:
My eyes flew open at the sound of my alarm. I looked over, the digital, blue numbers blinked 6:34. I was late. I flew out of bed, and got ready, I yelled good-bye to my dad, and ran out the door. I was determined to make it on time.

Lydia's POV:
I entered the school and headed for my locker. I put in my combination, and opened it, I threw my books inside, and headed to my homeroom.

Vanessa's POV:
I entered homeroom not a second to soon and sat next to Lydia. "Hey," I smiled

Lydia's POV:
"Hi Vanessa!" I said. The bell rang and I pulled out my notebook.

See? Just continue on from the person above you. Most role-plays consist of more than two characters, but I just used two for my example.

Tips for RPing:

Don't use chat speak - It's harder to understand.
Don't join once someone has already posted a POV, unless they say you can.
Post on the RP frequently, don't forget about it.
When first starting, only join one RP at a time to get the hand of it.
Post OOC (Out of character). When you're out of character, it makes it less confusing.

Good luck!

Off to post on Quest RP,


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