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Health is a serious problem. You should always be watching what you eat, and always make sure you exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Do you think about your health? Well, here are some Whyvillians (including myself) who were generous enough to answer these questions honestly.

SpOrTyAx: Do you play any sport? If so, which?

DinoLoveM: Volleyball.
AliChic: Yes, I run track.
Xion2: Yes, I play soccer.
SpOrTyAx: Softball and basketball.

*Tip* You should always try playing a sport. Whether you are good or bad. Exercise is an important part of your health. Don't be afraid to try new sports. You may even find it fun. If you are flexible, or a great dancer, become a gymnast or a dancer. Why not try both? They both are a great exercise and a great way to do what you enjoy.

SpOrTyAx: What kind of healthy meals do you eat?

DinoLoveM: Pasta.
AliChic: Vegetables and fruits, I guess.
Xion2: Well, my mom is a health nut, so we tend to eat a lot of chicken, and fish and really healthy stuff.
SpOrTyAx: I love having salad and steak with rice for dinner. My dad is a diabetic, so sometimes we have to be really careful on the foods we make.

*Tip* Healthy meals are also a very important part of being healthy. Starving yourself does not make you healthy! It just makes you sick. If you are wanting to become skinnier, ask a doctor.

SpOrTyAx: If you were to run a mile, how long would it take?

DinoLoveM: Not too long, I'm in cross country.
AliChic: Around 5:40.
Xion2: Well, last week in PE I ran half a mile in 14 minutes. Then the teacher got bored and walked in. Last time I tried, my mile was 8:16.
SpOrTyAx: I'm not the best mile runner. I can do small distances much faster. Around 8 minutes.

*Tip* If you have to run for P.E, always start hydrating the night before. Drink water, Gatorade, Powerade, Propel, or any sports drink. If your pee is clear, then that's a sign that you are hydrated. Hydrating keeps your healthy on a daily basis. You know you are not hydrated when you get dizzy, dry mouth, and weakness. Also, try keeping a steady, but fast pace while running. Don't go slow then fast, you will tire fast.

SpOrTyAx: Any thing else you would like to say?

DinoLoveM: Believe in anything, you will achieve it.
AliChic: People should watch what they eat and be concerned about their health! There are many obese people in the world today.
Xion2: No, but thanks for asking.
SpOrTyAx: Don't force it, go with the flow.

Foods that will help lose weight:

Green Tea

I highly recommend that you going to www.mypyramid.gov. If you go to it, on the left there is a blue box. Go under interactive tools and click on my pyramid plan. Enter the forum honestly and it will tell you how to stay healthy. Stay healthy, live strong.


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