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Hey You, With the Beanie!

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Aloha, we're your hosts, Xoxkitkat and rachiexX! We're here to interview two of Whyville's head hanchos. Ah yes, they have supreme power over you, they have the ability to tape you when you're mouthing off, and they have a special red beanie. Yes, we're talking about two of our City Workers, bow down to Lopan and CakelTame!

First, we decided to start things off with the small talk.

Xoxkitkat: How's it going?
Lopan: It's going sideways!
CakelTame: Good . . . How's it going with you?

Xoxkitkat: Good, Cakel, thanks for asking! And umm . . . that's uh . . . nice, Lopan. Let's move on . . .

rachiexX: What is your pet peeve?
CakelTame: Whyvillians that complain things are broken, when they really just didn't read the instructions.

Xoxkitkat: So Lopan, how long have you been a City Worker?
Lopan: For about 5 days now, as long as I stay fresh and ready to eat!

rachiexX: Parlez-Vous Francais?
CakelTame: Niet

Xoxkitkat: Why are you a banana?
Lopan: I was born that way!

rachiexX: What is your favorite thing about Whyville?
CakelTame: The kids.

Xoxkitkat: How do you feel about monkeys?
Lopan: Monkeys are evil!

Xoxkitkat: Sorry to any monkeys this may have offended, but hey, he IS a banana!

rachiexX: What is your favorite animal?
CakelTame: Ninja Turtles

Xoxkitkat: What do you do for Whyville?
CakelTame: I test new games and activities to make sure that they work properly before they go live. I also read all the Bug Reports and post on the Forums.

Then we asked Lopan for his answer:

Lopan: I am just awesome.

rachiexX: What's your favorite room in Whyville?
Lopan: Greek Theater

rachiexX: If you saw a hobo on the side of the road, and he asked you to take him to Taco Bell, would you oblige? What would you say to the hobo once he got in your car?
Lopan: Probably not, hobos aren't what they used to be.
CakelTame: Hobos live on trains. I have more than once bought a meal from Burger King for a homeless guy that was very often digging in the garbage cans around there. One time I picked up a homeless woman that was walking on the side of the road with no jacket in winter and I drove her to a shelter. We talked about pizza.

Thanks to CakelTame and Lopan for their responses! Hopefully we've all learned something new about these two awesome City Workers! Until next time!

-Xoxkitkat and RachiexX


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