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Snow Days

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Many of us have been having snow days lately. Some like them, some don't. What do you think? Some places have had a foot of snow and some places only get 1 inch but it's enough to cancel or delay school!

Places you wouldn't think of are getting snow like Texas and Georgia. Those states have even been getting snow this year.

So I interviewed Whyvillians on their opinions of snow days!

I asked these questions:

AliChic: How many snow days have you had this year?

Jday12: I have had 7 snow days this year. Which means NO summer for me basically!
iBeCookie: I've had, like, about two weeks worth of snow days.
Krissai: Let's say, 15-20, In fact, there is a blizzard right now.
LoveEmma: So far, four! Though we're probably having more.
iizapanda: We've had three, and another is already set for tomorrow.
IBeNatali: 2 or 3

AliChic: What's your favorite thing to do on snow days?

Jday12: My favorite thing to do on a snow day is watch TV and of course get on Whyville!
iBeCookie: Sleep. (Isn't it the same for everyone?)
Krissai: Stay inside, get cozy, watch some TV, rest by the fireplace, nap, BBS, etc.
LoveEmma: Sleep and play on the computer.
iizapanda: Usually I call in to work and see if anything's available, or sleep, and lounge around the house.
IBeNatali: Sit back and get on my laptop, watch TV, sleep, or go outside if it's not exactly cold.

AliChic: Do you like missing school days because of snow?

Jday12: I kinda do, but kinda don't. It's basically a love hate relationship.
iBeCookie: Absolutely not. Days get taken away from my summer, and unlike some people, I have things to do this summer.
Krissai: It depends on the last days I've had of school.
LoveEmma: It depends. If we've missed more than one day, I like going back to school cause I miss my friends.
iizapanda: I do because I get to catch up on homework, or this week, we had extra days to study for exams.
IBeNatali: Oh yes I do! I wish tomorrow it would snow too!

Thanks Jday12, iBeCookie, Krissai, LoveEmma, iizapanda and IBeNatali for your answers! Hope everyone stays safe and warm the rest of winter! Take precautions and watch your local weather channel for information on your forecast of snow!



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