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I hang my head in silence
Hoping my dirty deeds don't come to light
I hide in the corner of my shattered heart
Yet I live a life in the light

But that's not me in the light
No, that's someone else
Someone who hasn't done the things I've done
Or seen the things I've seen

I live in the past of regrets and shame
Of things done and said I wish I could take back
And so I live a double life
One whom everyone likes and another that no one knows

Yes, I hide behind a mask
A mask that no one seems to see
They all agree that the mask is me
But it's not - oh, if only they knew!

Behind that mask is me
A person who has gone hungry and cold
A person cowering in dirty cobwebs that are strung of secrets
Secrets no one knows, and no one ever will

I've tried to pick up the pieces of what once was my heart
I've tried glue and tape, but they're all the same
Nothing can heal something so fragile Nothing can make it right again

Am I destined to live two lives?
Has fate decided I must wear a mask forever and ever?
I guess so, for this mask cannot come off
It's welded with something not many can over come: shame


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