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Your Favorite Colors

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Almost everyone has a favorite color. Whether they like that certain color because it is pretty, or if they think it is cool, we all known some colors are favored more than others. I decided to go on a quest around Whyville to see what you citizens said your favorite color was.

I went to South Beach, Sun Roof, The Woods, and The Mall. I asked citizens of both genders what their favorite color was. I surveyed a total of forty-four citizens, and put their answers in a circle graph.

I thought it was pretty interesting how blue and purple were favored more than any other color. Though red and pink were closely trailing, it was clear that the first two colors stated were the majority of the citizens' favorite color.

After I received these statistics, I decided to dive deeper into peoples' favorite colors. Why did they like their favorite color? Why didn't the like certain others? While I thought these questions, I decided to hold a mini-interview with four of the forty-four citizens I surveyed before.

I asked these questions:

Kittieme: What is your favorite color?

Evelene: Purple
Shrkbt08: Yellow
Karen389: Blue
Alichic: Hot Pink

Kittieme: Why is this your favorite color?

Evelene: It's my favorite color because it's not really common, like you don't see it that often.
Shrkbt08: It's my favorite color because when I see it, it lightens up my day.
Karen389: It's my favorite color because it is like the sky.
Alichic: It's my favorite color because it is so bright.

Kittieme: What is your least favorite color?

Evelene: White
Shrkbt08: Red
Karen389: Green
Alichic: Black

Kittieme: Why is this your least favorite color?

Evelene: It is so plain.
Shrkbt08: It reminds me of blood - yuck!
Karen389: It reminds me of grass which makes me itch!
Alichic: It's so blank and uncolorful!

I would like to thank Alichic, Karen389, Shrkbt08, and Evelene for their answers! I learned a lot about peoples' favorite colors and some reasons why they chose this color to be on the top of their list!

Overall, I was surprised at the answers you citizens gave me. I thought that the color green would be one of the more popular colors. I also thought that purple wouldn't be as popular as it turned out to be. I would like to thank those forty-four citizens - you know who you are - for the help you gave me in this survey. Now that you all know what some of your fellow citizens' favorite colors are, ask yourself this question: "What is yours?"


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