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What Happens?

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Everyone thinks about it. It happens to everyone. You are always wondering what happens after. What am I talking about? A sad topic - death. Death affects 100% of people. Everyone. Everyone dies.

Death is known as the end. The passing time. The last moment. Whatever you call it, we all think of it as the end of our life. When nothing in life matters. When there is no more life. It's over. Goodbye, sorry, wrong number. Gone. Forever.

Whatever your religion, whatever your philosophy, you die. There are many different ideas about what happens. A lot of people believe you move on to heaven. Others believe you are reincarnated, taken into another life, another person, and another beginning. Others believe there is absolutely nothing. You feel nothing. There is nothing. There are hundreds upon thousands of beliefs.

No matter what you believe, everyone associates death with sadness, pain, and grief. I think we should all come to terms with death. Like I said, it's going to happen eventually to us all. We should all stop and think, "What do I believe happens?" Stop reading. Think for a second. What do you think happens? I hope you all can think of something. Some happy or logical thing that happens when you die. I hope you can trust it, hold on to it. Finally, I ask you to come to terms with it, to accept it.

Death may not be everyone's favorite topic. It may be something we all hate. But I think we need to at least have some idea. I hope everyone will think about it. Really dedicate a few hours to thoughts. "What is death?" "What do I want to accomplish in my life?" I hope by the end you will realize life is a gift. This article isn't about dying tomorrow. It's about living today. I finish with a quote from Elenor Roosevelt.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why they call it the present."

Thanks, goodbye, and happy thinking,


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