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One on One With Holykow

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Hey there, Whyville! I hope you are excited for the third "One on One With" article, because this one sure is entertaining! This week, I had the pleasure to interview the one and only holykow.

DeadSnaii: How did you become a City Worker for Whyville? Was it a short or long process?
holykow: A few years ago, a friend of mine had mentioned an opening for an educational based website called Whyville. At the time, I was beginning my college career and jumped at the opportunity to work for an online company (which has helped a lot, since I can set my own time to work). I sent in my resume and was later contacted for two interviews. The overall process itself wasn't too long and in the end I was very pleased to be hired in an industry that educates the youth.

DeadSnaii: Were you a citizen before you were a City Worker, and if you weren't, how did you find out about Whyville?
holykow: Unfortunately no, I was not a citizen before I joined the team. When I was first hired, however, I was given the task of exploring Whyville and observing how it's citizens interacted with one another. I thought it was pretty amusing to learn and see new terms such as "BC" and "FFV" on the Internet.

DeadSnaii: What is your official job in the Whyville world?
holykow: My "official" job on Whyville is to assist the Whyville community as best as I can. This can include anywhere from testing projects to punishing mischievous users. Currently, however, I am more prominent in the BBS.

DeadSnaii: What is your favorite thing to do: BBS, chat, read the Times, or search Akbar's?
holykow: I read both the Times and BBS, and can tell that there are talented writers out there! I think it's important to write constructively and creatively, as it can help cultivate a clearer comprehension for your writing classes.

DeadSnaii: How did you become a "kow", or even a holy one?!
holykow: Holy cow was an expression I used when I was a kid. Meow.

Ha ha! Those were very cool answers, holykow. Especially the last one! As always, remember to check back next week, because it just might be you or your friend! Also, because of many requests, I have added a question which hopefully made the interview longer! Hope you enjoyed!


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