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Author's Note: If this seems choppy to you, good. It was meant to be that way. I feel it is more personal unedited for the way it flows.

I have been told all my life that everyone has a talent. Whether it is singing or dancing. Writing or acting. Everyone has that special something that they are good at and makes them different.

I don't believe it.

Don't get me wrong, I believe, no I know, that other people have talents. I just don't have any. It seems to me that He gave handfuls of talents to everyone but just gave me a sprinkle of a few things. Writers who write for the Times or participate in activates available in the BBS are amazingly talented. All the designers who have a thing for creating shirts by using pixels are amazingly talented. All the sports players at my school know how to move their feet swiftly and excel in the sport. The people in drama blow my mind away when they are on stage.

I seem to not have a talent in anything. I just am good at what I love to do. I don't amaze people at my three point shots or my home runs. I don't bring tears to people's eyes as they read what I wrote or amaze them with my way of words. I don't bring characters to life on stage and make the audience step into that world.

I have nothing to offer to the world. Everyone else has that job already taken. There are the singers and song writers who entertain us and sing their way to our hearts. The writers who write novels and short stories show us their world and take us on a magical ride away from reality. There are sports stars that entertain people while running or throwing an object across the field. Everything is taken and being used up by their amazing talents.

Maybe my parents and teachers have just been telling lies to me. Not everyone has a talent is the truth they are trying to hide. They are trying to deceive me and have me struggle in the world trying to find talents I don't have and will never have.

Maybe I am the only one in the world who doesn't have a talent. Everyone is just afraid to tell me otherwise so they tell me I do have a talent.

I am a loner in the world full of talented people.


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