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Sibling Rivalry

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They can be your best friends or your worst enemies. You love them and you hate them. You can't live with them, but can't live without them. You have a family bond, both to love, and to envy. What are we talking about? Siblings, of course!

Hello, this is Xion2 (Xenon) and Tanibanan (Montana). As you may have guessed, we are brother and sister (Xenon is the brother, because sometimes it's hard to tell). We have been through 12 and a half years together, and are still going. Through highs and lows, we have been there for each other. Whenever one of us (or another one of our 3 siblings) needs help, the others are always there to lend a hand even with some harsh criticism.

We fight a lot, often about stupid things, like what we watch on TV or who gets what seat in the car (Xenon calls shotgun). And we are especially competitive with grades. Sometimes we look at a fight we just had and laugh at how stupid it was.

But then there are the mo' better times (private joke). As we just showed, we have a lot of jokes together. Also, once we decide what show we're going to watch or how we end up sitting in the car, we always end up enjoying the show or the place we end up because we cherish each other's company. At the end of the day, we are always brother and sister. Siblings are there to give you someone to help you through the hard times and to be there with you for all of the good ones.

So next time you are about to yell at your younger brother for annoying you (Montana has had plenty of experience with this), just remember how lucky you are to have them there.

Off to watch Wipeou- NO! STAR TREK!
- Xion2 and Tanibanan (Xenon and Montana)


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