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Bamboozled: Episode 2

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Welcome to another installment of "Bamboozled"! When we last left our heroes, Melanie and Andy had been thoroughly beaten down by a mustachioed Rachel, while another Rachel, sans facial hair, was seen ordering a pizza. What will happen next?

To the meadow where Melanie and Andy were sitting by the river. The clean shaven Rachel came bearing pizza and confusion, but Melanie and Andy would have none of it, they were filled with rage. Rachel was confused and hurt, what had she done to Melanie and Andy to make them so mad? Did she forget to put pineapple on the pizza?

Rachel just stood there dumbfounded as her friends were storming with anger. Melanie and Andy decided to partake in a more wholesome activity with the upper crust.

And so, Rachel was left alone, confused and sad. Celeste was in tears, someone had apparently left her a surprise.

After a fulfilling day of throwing bread to the hobos, Melanie and Andy resigned to the Girl Game Co., wallowing in boredom.

But bored they were no longer, as the bushy lipped Rachel crashed through the window, throwing everyone into confusion and chaos (and even throwing some into the air)!

But of course, this evil Rachel was up to no good. She was intent on stealing their secret stash of tacos, even with the Taco Bell down the street having a special on quesadillas.

Rachel grabbed a hold of all their tacos. Their only hope was Andy and his supposed "Pokemon", so Celeste decided to bail before the situation got any worse.

But, unfortunately for our two heroes, Rachel saw right past Andy and his imagination.

The taco thief was about to make her great escape, when all of a sudden . . .

DUN DUN DUN (Or, as the Spaniards would say, mucho drama.) All of this confusion, and Celeste wasn't even there to provide witty commentary. What will happen next, now that our two Rachels have met? Will Celeste ever come back? Find out in episode 3 of "Bamboozled"!

My good people, before we depart, the Bamboozled cast has a proposition for you. If you can guess our 3 favorite books, we'll send YOU, yes you - a prize. Hints are given throughout the comic. The first 3 lucky ducks to send a y-mail with the correct answers will win 5,000 clams each. Y-mails can be sent to any of the cast members (user names are given above), except for Penny/Celeste. Please . . . PLEASE, don't attempt to y-mail Celeste. Winners will be announced at the publishing of the next episode and prizes will be awarded shortly thereafter.

-Xoxkitkat, RachiexX, and Sk8terb67


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