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The Future?

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Everybody has hopes, wants, and aspirations. There is a golden road in life and we are all trying to find it. Once we get past school we can go on to bigger and better things that we've been dreaming about since we were young.

I remember at age five I would come home from kindergarten at noon and play my favorite game called middle school. I would pretend I was in middle school and had my life to perfection. I was the most popular person in my mind and it was amazing. I never feared anything or thought I would have any problems. Plus I didn't think about high school.

Now I am in middle school. An eighth grader by the way. I'm one of the youngest ones; there are at least twenty to thirty seventh graders that are older than me. I don't mind, I find it as a way that I am closer to them. But just a couple of weeks ago I ventured into a whole different land: high school registration.

No seventh grader has a clue what the eighth graders go through during these two weeks. To them it seems like all we are doing is deciding what classes to pick. Now maybe some do have a clue, I'm not trying to judge that they don't in a mean way. But this is more than just deciding our classes. It's our future. It's our life.

When we were handed the catalogs with all of the class options in them we were told to look through them as if they were a magazine or comic book. We had to make a plan of our entire high school career that would model what we wanted to do when we grew up. All of my friends had no problem what so ever. And then there is me.

I have no clue what I want to do when I grow up. After the registration I still don't. I just threw some future classes on the plan to get it done and over with. It was so stressful because after that I had to plan my freshman year. The one that actually counted at the moment. Honors English, Math, Science? Only one of those, two, or even all of them? I had a chance at what ever I wanted because I had straight A's and test scores that let me into the high classes. But my parents had different ideas.

My parents weren't going to let me take more than one honors class because I would get "burnt out". Now neither of them went to college. They didn't know what was going through my mind as they said that. I thought I would be a failure because I was taking the easy classes. On the true day of registration I signed up for two honors classes behind their backs. Yes, they may find out by May, but that's so far away I don't have to even think about May right? Wrong.

All I can think of now is not wanting to leave my middle school. For the first time in years I belong. I belong with my friends and I belong with the seventh graders I know and get to see everyday. When I leave them on June 3rd I am probably going to be in tears. Right now they are the thing I look forward to. It's like a mini purpose in life. I can be myself around them and they like me.

When I go to high school I am going to be the lowest of the low. Not only will I be a freshman but I won't be fifteen until May when others will be in October. It's scary for me to think about. The worst thing is I am only getting closer and closer to the day when I do leave. All I am doing now is cherishing the moments I have now.

This is the only time in my life that I will be in a school with just my grade and the lower grade I love so much. And next year at this time they might be going through the same thing as me. Or they are counting the minutes until they go through those doors as freshman and I will be a sophomore. Maybe I have made such an impact on them that it could happen. Who knows? There is always hope. And there is always time to make it that way.

Make the most of now so you can make the most of the future.



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