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A Trip Into Artists' Minds

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What is the first thing you think of when you glance at the evening's sunset? The pattern on a leaf or the dark bark of the branch that holds it? For me, it's art. I can't help but notice all the colors it is made up of, all the fine shapes and lines and curves. I always wonder how I can put it on paper, and recreate the image. How I could mix a ton of random shapes and shades to create my own masterpiece.

You will find art everywhere, not only in nature. Where ever you look, there it is. It can be a simple drawing, or a jaw-dropping mural. A collage of items, a sculpture made out of jellybeans, or even the design in the chat room you were just in! The topic completely fascinates me, although I am certain that I am not it's only admirer. Here are some citizens who share my love for art.

DEANNA38: How important is art, to you?

MsFanta: Art is very important to me because you can express yourself just from drawing.
tanibanan: Art is my whole life. It's a way to express yourself and really show what you're feeling through what you paint, sculpt, draw, or just plain create.
Mia1Girl: It's not important to me. I just kind of like it.
DeadSnaiI: Very. It should be to everyone; art is all around us.

DEANNA38: What kind of art do you enjoy doing the most? Is there any type that interests you more than others?

MsFanta: I enjoy any kind of art but I think painting/pictures seem peaceful and real, but they aren't.
tanibanan: I love using chalk pastels. It's like chalk that you draw on the sidewalk with, but it's for paper and you can blend the colors together. Real life objects aren't just one color, so using chalk pastels makes it so that you can put multiple colors blending into each other. It makes it look more realistic.
Mia1Girl: I like fruit art.I don't do it but it's so cute. I also like abstract art. I HATE anime.
DeadSnaiI: I like cubism. There's just something about it which wows me. After that, it's abstract art.

DEANNA38: As I have said, there are many amazing kinds of art and artwork. Do any leave you wide-eyed in fascination? (this could be a type of art or a piece of work you've seen or heard of)

MsFanta: Hmm, there is a painting I learned about in history class during the cultural revolution and it was about this one girl standing on a rock looking like she was about to fall and there was a castle in the background and there was water below the rocks. It looked really peaceful.
tanibanan: When people make art of people it astounds me. Paintings and sculpture especially. If you ever saw any of my attempts at making art of people, it's not good. When art is able to show the detail of humans, it is really amazing to me because it's something I am not able to do.
Mia1Girl: Fruit sculptures.
DeadSnaiI: Well this is almost the same as my last answer, but I like cubism art the most. Just mix cubism and abstract art and you got yourself a deal!

DEANNA38: Do you notice art everywhere you go, like me? If so, what are some things you see?

MsFanta: Yes, I notice art every where I go. I see lands of glory and love and I see waterfalls of peacefulness.
tanibanan: Art can be shown in many different ways. Television and movies are forms of art. Modeling is art. When you're watching an action movie or a cartoon, you are seeing art. Art is all around us, and it can be in many different forms.
Mia1Girl: I notice the things on the streets like graffiti and stuff like that.
DeadSnaiI: I notice it when I visit a new city or country. Their style differs from place to place.

DEANNA38: What skills or techniques do you use in your art? What qualities in art catch your attention?

MsFanta: Anything towards qualities in art catch my attention.
tanibanan: I really like making sea life pictures, so I'll talk about those. When you make something like a fish or a whale, you have to match the fluidity of the animal. Drawing a curved line and then drawing it around that really helps. Because otherwise it just looks like an oval with some fins stuck to it. That's just an example.
Mia1Girl: I'm not very professional . . . I'm only in 6th grade.
DeadSnail: I just sketch out something first, then go over it and add detail.

DEANNA38: Is there any advice you would give to beginners?

MsFanta: The advice I would give is no matter how hard drawing or painting may be don't give up if you just mess up one time.
tanibanan: As with anything you do, my advice is to PRACTICE. Even doodling in a notebook during math class can help you. Having materials at home is a really good thing to have, too. And if you can get into an art class it school, that's always a good thing to do too.
Mia1Girl: To listen to your teacher.
DeanSnaiI: Just keep trying with your art. If it isn't good art, then at least it is still art. Also, find a teacher if you have to. Luckily for me, someone who lives in my subdivision is an artist herself.

Those were some wonderful answers, very motivating. I have never taken an art class myself, but I did choose art as my elective for high school next year, after much uncertainty. I am still a bit nervous, since what I am best at is sketching what I see, and I don't think that's what the class will be about at all. These citizens have helped me overcome that feeling, for the most part. Now I am very excited about the class, and am definitely looking forward to trying something new. I've never even heard of cubism and abstract! I hope this article has inspired you as well. Whether you use it to be creative, express yourself, make something amazing, or simply slip away from the real world, art is the way to go.

Keep your mind open,


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