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The Cattle Ranching Contest

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It was an average Sunday afternoon in Whyville's quaint little meadow. A girl named Melanie was holding a cattle ranching contest to see who was a cowboy and who was a cowMAN. As they were about to begin, a passerby came along, mistaking it for a BC.

Oddly enough, the passerby didn't believe that it was really a cattle ranching contest. How weird. I mean, you see them all the time, right? Nevertheless, the passerby left in a huff.

So Melanie began the cattle ranching contest and asked her personal servants, Justin Bieber and Pierre Moreau, to bring out the cows.

Greg went first in the contest, but chickened out and went crying for his mother. Wimp.

Patty went next but had an unfortunate incident and stepped in cow poo. She ran away in a frantic haste to clean off her shoes. What a city slicker. Who's willing to cowboy up and face the challenge?

Little Johanna went last, stepping up to the plate with an evil smile upon her face. What was she planning?

Oh wow. Uhh, I guess she was planning dinner.

Well folks, I guess that's all for this comic, until we get more cows . . .


Author's Note: Thanks to all those who participated in the comic!


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