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Food Fight

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There once were two friendly foods named Hershey and Marissa. Hershey was a piece of chocolate and Marissa was a pizza. They traveled to various towns and cities trying to find a place where they were welcome. They never found a place where they fit in, however, and decided to give up. They lived in a dirty, disgusting town called Howville, and were sick and tired of their living conditions. One day, Hershey and Marissa were chillin' in their hang out, when Hershey decided it was time to try a new place to live.

They had both heard of the friendly town called Whyville, and had been told by friends (before they had been eaten by unfriendly Howvillians,) that Whyville was a place where anyone could be accepted for who they were. Marissa and Hershey decided to hop on their Travelot to this fantastic sounding town.

When they stepped out of their Travelot, they noticed how clean and colorful Whyville looked. They were used to the dark and trashed land of Howville, and were taken by surprise.

They decided that it would be a good idea to head on over to a place called "The Cafeteria" that looked and smelled like food.

What they found at the cafeteria was shocking, horrifying, and downright perplexing. Food - just like Hershey and Marissa was scattered everywhere on trays. There was a friendly looking lady asking if people were hungry, then pointed to the various foods. This was too much for Hershey and Marissa to take. They decided to run away to a grassy looking field that did not have food anywhere in sight. Once they settled in the meadow, they heard voices coming out from all around.

"Hey look, food!"

"Let's go eat it!"

"I wonder if they taste good!"

Marissa and Hershey were scared stiff.

Suddenly it looked as if Marissa and Hershey were done for. They were stuck! Trapped by the people up and down, with boulders beside them! These hungry people - that were sure to be your everyday Whyvillians - were hungry, and it looked as if they were ready to put Hershey and Marissa on their dinner plates!

What will happen to Hershey and Marissa as they reach this unfriendly situation? Find out next time on "Food Fight"!


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