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Hello Whyvillians! As many of you have seen, there have been a couple of articles on people enjoying music. They really enjoy their pop, rap, and rock and roll and stuff like that. I really like a different style of music: classical.

'Classical?! Wow, you must be the bigger nerd ever!' I am sure that was your immediate thought when reading that. Classical is beautiful. It can be upbeat, and slow. It can be scary, and inviting. It can be warm, and it can be dead cold. When listening to classical music, thousands of emotions come through you. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, but almost always awestruck.

Music doesn't have to have some weird girl in hardly any clothes screaming cuss words into a microphone, just to be corrected by a computer ( as is a lot of current music). Music can be anything with a beat, and with noise. And classical music is my favorite noise. I love the emotions, the feelings. I like how you can go to a theater, and in just an hour, be completely moved. Something inside you changes. I was recently at a concert written by a guy in the concentration camps in Germany. I almost cried. I was completely changed for it. Even though it was just music, I understood more about the Nazis and the concentration camps. Music can teach you, not 1+1=2, but actual wisdom can be passed from someone's instrument and right into your heart.

I play the clarinet and saxophone. Just playing those songs makes me feel touched. If I am ever sad, or lonely, I can just take out my clarinet, and play. A few months ago, when for some insane reason I didn't play much, I think I was slipping it depression because I wasn't playing. Really! I was really sad, and I wanted to play. Now, playing everyday, I am quite happy. I think it's funny how just playing the clarinet can completely move me. It can make me happy. It has a direct effect on my mood. It is terrific.

So Whyvillians, that is my music. Not the insane people singing about their boyfriends. No, the music I like is different. It's absolutely beautiful. It's music that has survived the test of time, hundreds of years. Music that can move people the same way it did 300 years ago. Music that makes me happy to play.

I would recommend listen to Josef Strauss, Vivaldi, and the Big Four: Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach.

Off to practice,


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