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Selective Eating Disorder

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Imagine living off a mere five foods. Yes, you heard me correctly, only five foods. For people with Selective Eating Disorder, or S.E.D., it's a reality.

I'm sure you've heard of those "picky eaters" who only eat their food a certain way, or with a certain side dish. You probably even have friends who are picky eaters. But have you ever heard of someone who eats the same food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Thanks to British scientists, we can finally give this disorder a name.

Selective Eating Disorder, or otherwise known as S.E.D. is an extreme case of picky eating. Until recently, no one thought that it was an actual disorder, and it was just the individual's choice. People with S.E.D. find it hard to consume foods, and usually only stick to a few types of food that they eat for every meal, everyday. They're so particular, that some even limit the food to specific brands.

Reports from people diagnosed with S.E.D. say that to them, most food tastes "bland" and almost like nothing. Others say that it's the sight, texture, and smell that turns them away from the food.

For most, it's just a phase in childhood, and they usually outgrow it. For the unlucky few, however, it follows them into adulthood and even later in life. Although boys are the main people affected, both males and females can get this disorder. Adults and teens who are diagnosed usually are underweight, have malnutrition, and late body development. People who have S.E.D. are usually very self conscious about it, and do not go to restaurants with friends or even eat in front of them. The usual excuse is, "I'm not hungry" or, "I have some food waiting for me at home."

I myself have Selective Eating Disorder. The foods that I eat usually consist of breads. For breakfast I eat a few toaster waffles. At lunch time I nibble on some crackers or cereal. At dinner, I usually have a cheese quesadilla or pizza with JUST cheese, no sauce. Living with it isn't all that hard. Most of my friends know about it and are perfectly fine with it. When I go out with them I just bring a mini backpack, or paper bag with foods that I can eat.

So now you know a little bit more about a disorder you probably didn't know existed. I thought it would be a good idea to write about S.E.D. since I have a personal experience with it. I'd also like to get the word out about it, since it is a little-known disorder. Remember, next time you see a friend who is a picky eater, try not to make them feel uncomfortable. There might be something more to it!

This is Jordan136, signing out!

Author's Note: Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selective_eating_disorder


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