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The Mystical Planet: Part 1

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I woke up suddenly, as if awoken from a deep sleep. I don't remember falling asleep though. I peered around me, scanning my surroundings. I had never seen this place before, it was very mystical and beautiful. I got up and started to walk around, I wanted to see if anyone could give me an answer, or a sign to where I was. I walked through a short forest, it had tons of different foliage in it. There was a specific flower though, that caught my eye. It was purple, with a sky blue center; I had never seen anything like it in my life. The petals looked as if they were crystals, it was quite dazzling. I uprooted it from the ground, and plucked off the roots. I tucked the flower behind my ear and continued walking. At the end of the forest, I came to a clearing with a giant lake. The lake was a deep blue, with purple and pink lights reflecting off of it. There were fireflies above the water, illuminating the night sky. It was a beautiful sight, I wanted to take a picture with my mind. I was quite tired of walking around and not finding anything, so I sat near the lake and poked my finger in the water. I swirled it around, and then was scared by something I saw in the water. It was a face, a face of a teenage boy, that appeared to be my age. I turned in shock and there he was, looking down above me.

"I've never seen you before, no one ever comes around Jastica Lake anymore. Who are you?" the boy asked.

"I'm Courtney, and I don't know where I am really. I woke up and was just lying here. Well, actually I was lying over there, just passed the forest." I replied.

"Peculiar." He whispered, "I never see anyone out here. Just my family and I."

"Could you give me some answers? Where I am exactly, and how I may have gotten here?" I asked quietly.

"Sure. Come this way, I'm guessing you're hungry. I'll give you some information on the way to the cabin."

The boy told me many stories about this mythical world; he told me that the planet was called Opia and we were on a continent called Kistana. He told me that Kistana has been void of human life for a long time now, just wild animals scurry around now. He had arrived here when his home planet of Lostra had been destroyed by an enemy planet, and that when the escape pod landed, this is where his family had awoken. His story had seemed similar to mine, but I don't remember Earth having any contact with any other planets, or even knowing that any other life on other planets existed! I had started to find this very bizarre. He continued his story and said that when they awoke, they searched this small land for shelter. They had found a broken down cabin by a lake, and decided to inhabit it. They eventually made tools out of wood and rocks, and then thrived the land. I found the whole story far fetched, how could this be happening? By now, we had reached the cabin. It didn't look broken down at all, it was a humongous cabin, almost like a mansion. He led me inside and I met his family. His family consisted of his mother, father, sister and two brothers. He never told me their names, for introductions didn't seem necessary I guess. He led me to a guest room next to his and told me this is where I'd be staying. Then, he sat on my bed next to me and begged for me to tell him about Earth.

"But wait, I don't even know your name!" I laughed.

"Oh!" He giggled, "My name is Cade. I didn't introduce you to my family because they aren't big on introductions. They're sort of weird like that I suppose. Anyway, tell me about Earth! I want to know everything!"

"Okay! Slow down silly." I laughed.

I told him about how Earth had 7 continents and 4 oceans. I had lived in the United States, which was located in the North American country. For a minute, I pondered how he knew English, but decided not to ask right now. I told him that most kids our age would listen to music in their free time, or go on a computer, play Xbox or PS3, or even play sports. He did a lot of gasping, for he didn't know what a lot of these things were. I tried my best to explain, and I think he understood. Then he told me about his home planet, before it was destroyed. He told me that many skyscrapers grazed the sky, and many people used hover cars to get by. Teleporters were used to get to places that were far away, and people spoke in many dialects. Since he brought it up, I decided to ask how he knew English, which was my native tongue. He said that it was the main language at his homeland too, and I was really confused. How did other planets that I have never even HEARD of know English? It made no sense. Cade's parents called and said it was time for him to sleep, so he bid me goodnight and told me this conversation would continue tomorrow after his homeschooling. He left my room and closed the door. I peered around the room, just to get a feel for it, because it seems I may be here for quite a while. I saw that Cade's parents had laid out a pair of pajamas for me, and I quickly changed into them. I felt really tired already, even though it felt as if I just woke up. I turned out the light and laid my head down, thinking about what may await me tomorrow . . .


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