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Fashion: How Do You Express Yourself?

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Hello, dxdxdxdx here. Today I wanted to go around and ask Whyvillians about their thoughts on fashion and what they like to wear. I went around to ask for some answers and this is what I got!

dxdxdxdx: Where do you like to shop for your clothing?

jelloroks: Kohl's, DEB, JCPenny, Pacsun, and Old Navy.
kikibug: Mainly Old Navy and Target.
Tori4141: I'm not a big fancy shopper. I just like to shop at normal clothing stores.
kittypet: I have a lot of my clothes custom made, but when I do shop I like stores like Forever 21, H&M, Wet Seal. Or if I'm looking for a bargain I'll go to the Salvation Army. They have a lot of cool vintage clothes/accessories.
IBeBekah: I usually shop at Forever21, now sometimes Wet Seal.

dxdxdxdx: What about that store's clothes do you like?

jelloroks: The stores have the clothing I like and at some you can find some good deals.
kikibug: They usually have what I like there unlike most stores I go to.
Tori4141: I like the casual clothing because it makes me feel like I can just be myself, and loose.
kittypet: I like how the jeans fit me. I also like being edgy with what I wear.
IBeBekah: For Forever21, I like that their clothes are cute and affordable. I also love that they have a HUGE selection. For Wet Seal, I just like their jeans.

dxdxdxdx: What is your favorite article of clothing?

jelloroks: Camisols, shorts, and jeans.
kikibug: In the summer, hats.
Tori4141: I like mostly tank tops, and a short like over shirt on top.
kittypet: My 1940s-Esque playsuit (it's like a two-piece romper.)
IBeBekah: Probably tops.

dxdxdxdx: Why do you like that specific article(s) of clothing?

jelloroks: Camis and shorts are comfortable! You can wear jeans anywhere.
kikibug: Because my hair gets frizzy in the summertime so a hat helps.
Tori4141: I like those because they just feel loose and not so tight, and they make me feel calmer than having a tight shirt to where it makes me feel like I'm tied by rope.
kittypet: The top is kind of like a bandeau, and it's plain green. The shorts are high-waisted and the same shade of green, but with a vintage Alice and Wonderland pattern on them.
IBeBekah: I don't know . . . I guess because tops are the most noticeable, and it's the article that really seems to complete the look for me.

dxdxdxdx: What would you call your clothing style?

jelloroks: I like to call myself a girly tomboy with an edge! Haha. I guess my style is casual and edgy.
kikibug: I guess I would call it colorful, since most of my clothes have a lot of colors on them.
Tori4141: I would call my clothing style everyday outfits. It's what most people wear. It's not all out-there and fancy.
kittypet: I'm not really sure.
IBeBekah: Basic, simple, but cute.

dxdxdxdx: Do you consider yourself fashionable?

jelloroks: Sure.
kikibug: More or less.
Tori4141: To me I do think I'm fashionable because my opinion is that; the types of outfits I wear are pretty much the best kind a person like me can have.
kittypet: Yes, for the most part, but I'm also a little silly and own a lot of novelty t-shirts and sweatshirts. But gimme a break, it's winter, I just wear whatever is warm.
IBeBekah: I really have no idea. In my mind, yes. In someone else's? Maybe not.

dxdxdxdx: Do you follow fashion trends/fads?

jelloroks: Only if I like them.
kikibug: No not really, maybe once in a while without noticing.
Tori4141: I try to follow every year what kind of fashions are new, but sometimes I just want to stand out and not be like everyone else.
kittypet: Sometimes, yes, but not to fit in. Sometimes I don't know something even exists until I see other people wearing/doing it.
IBeBekah: No. I wear what I like, which changes sometimes; but I always wear what I like.

Looks like the fashion ideas and thoughts of Whyville vary, as do the places they buy their clothes. Looks like most Whyvillians like their styles to be comfortable but cute at the same time, and they aren't afraid to wear what they like. A special thank you to jelloroks, kikibug, Tori4141, kittypet, and IBeBekah for their answers. Thank you for reading!

Until next time,
- dxdxdxdx


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