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My First Writing Experience

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Hi! My name is Funkchik2, Funkchik1, Daniel, Dani, Danny, Dan for short, whatever you like! This is my first, ever article for the Whyville Times. I am very excited to get started, because I like trying new things. I have a lot of writing pieces, stories, personal thoughts in mind for my future Whyville Times journey. So what better way to start than with interviewing some of the Times' writers. I asked them to answer a few questions on how their first Times article made out, and what they have accomplished to this day.

I am glad to present Kittieme, Cohenlm, TlNl and Ocean10kv, to answer some of the following questions.

Funkchik2: What was your first Whyville Times experience like?

Kittieme: I first started writing for the Times in November 2009 with a short poem called "Pain." It was weird actually getting an article in the Times, and it boosted my confidence a lot!
Cohenlm: My first ever Whyville Times experience was pretty amazing. Getting several articles not accepted before had always discouraged me, but after a week's work, I had created a worthy enough article and to see it up there on the screen was probably one of my biggest achievements at that time.
TlNl: I was so excited, I checked the Times every 10 minutes. Once it came in I started freaking out, telling all my Whyville friends.
Ocean10kv: My first, ever Whyville Times experience would have to be when I accidentally clicked onto the Times before I even knew what it was and there were all these articles about random stuff and I was very confused, yet, intrigued.

Funkchik2: What was your first Whyville Times article or writing piece/story about?

Kittieme: My first piece was about pain, LoL.
Cohenlm: If I'm correct, the first article I ever got published was a movie review about the movie "The Game Plan".
TlNl: My first article that made it into the Whyville Times was actually about Silly Bands.
Ocean10kv: My first article was called "Create a Doodle" which was basically just a really amateur article showing how to make some odd little cartoons.

Funkchik2: What kind of doubts, or achievements have you been thinking about for the future of your writing journey?

Kittieme: I really want to reach my 100th article and become a Senior Times Writer someday! Guess I'll have to keep on writing. I have faced a lot of rejection of articles and have had a lot of mixed reviews but I rely on good critiquing to help me out in further articles.
Cohenlm: I'm not exactly sure although I would like to write another article for the Times very soon! Right now, I'm focusing more on life outside of Whyville.
TlNl: I'm hoping to become a real Times Writer in the near future. Poetry is actually my favorite section of the Whyville Times, so I'd love to reach the Whyville Poet status.
Ocean10kv: Well my writing journey probably isn't going to extend out of the Times, but I've been thinking about the next Times Awards and I'm hoping to win some more next year . . .

Funkchik2: How has the Times changed you not only as a person, but also as a writer?

Kittieme: The Times has given me a lot of confidence in writing, and has helped me become a better person by having a lot of experience writing for an audience.
Cohenlm: (Wow, there's a lot to say for this!) It's changed me in so many ways. It's shown me to be more open-minded, to dream, and to achieve. I've learned to be patient in writing also.
TlNl: I think I've improved after receiving the critique from other Whyvillians, really. It made me realize what I could do to better myself in writing.
Ocean10kv: All the constructive criticism I have been given on different articles has made me a more open person, more willing to accept other peoples opinions and learn how to handle criticism. Also, the constructive criticism has made me a better writer because it's taught me what I need to improve on.

Funkchik2: What advice do you have for the Times' newcomers like my very own self?

Kittieme: Keep on writing and don't be afraid to express yourself! I had tons of cases where I had rejected articles but I kept going and now I'm a successful Times Writer (at least I think so . . .) Write what you want to write about and how you want to write it an more than anything, have fun!
Cohenlm: Be determined! You're going to have some pretty bad articles, but then you're going to have some amazing ones too! Remember Whyville is a learning experience and to soak in every moment you get. Good luck!
TlNl: The best advice I could give you is to really dig deep and give details in your writing.
Ocean10kv: My advice to newcomers would be to not give up. Continue writing, and always use spell check on your articles. Also, remember to listen to constructive criticism because it will help you grow as a writer. And most importantly, just have fun writing!

So as you can see, our Times members have a lot to share with us, and each have their own unique, story! Being a Times newcomer myself, I plan to write a lot of cool stories, and become an active writer myself. If you're in front of your computer screen, sitting on a comfy, chair, and reading my first article, and feel like, 'Hmm, maybe I should start writing for the Whyville Times?' . . . Well, YES! You should, I am already having a ton of fun, and it doesn't take a lot of time in your day to write an article for all our active typers out there!

Thank you for taking the time to read through my first journey as a writer for the Times, and go on out in the world of virtual life, and start writing with me!

I'd especially like to thank Kittieme, Cohenlm, TlNl, and Ocean10kv for sharing their thoughts. Thanks guys! You all rock!

Thanks for reading,


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