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Our Perfect Pets

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Many people have pets. Whether they are cats or dogs, rabbits or guinea pigs, fish or birds, mice or hamsters, everyone loves or has some sort of admiration for their pets. Populor, Mase12, and I have decided that we wanted to talk a little about our pets and what it takes to take care of our little critters, and what makes them so special!

Take it away Populor!

Most people have a pet or two! I'm one of those people. I have a guinea pig; his name is Mr. Pecksniff! Guinea pigs are common pets they are mostly multi-colored but mine is only one color: black. An all black guinea pig like Mr. Pecksniff is rare. These furry pets often squeal when you pick them or just for attention. They are very cute and all have different personalities; they are very good for beginning pet owners!

Back to you Kittieme!

Thanks Populor; it's nice to see you care for your guinea pig so much! I do not have this kind of pet, but what I do have are two fuzzy and delightful kitties named Smokie and Shaddo. They are brothers from the same litter, and will be five on May 1st. It's hard seeing them grow up! Smokie is, like you may have guess, all grey. He has green eyes that used to be grey with he was a kitten. Shaddo is an all black kitty with golden eyes that used to be blue. Like Populor said, pets often have different personalities. The same can be said for my cats! Shaddo is very introverted and only warms up to my brother and I. He hates being picked up and will scratch anyone if you try. Smokie on the other hand is a very social cat, who lies around on his back if he's lonely, meowing for someone to pick him up and swing him around. Cats are good family pets, so if even if your house is full of little kids, cats are still great.

Now Mase12 will talk about his pet, a dog.

My dog is the perfect dog. He is a pure bred border collie otherwise known as a sheep dog. My dog is the best because he is loyal and scares unfamiliar people that enter my house. When I walk him to the park and run around with him he, tries to round me up like I am a sheep! When you get to know Orlando, he is the loyalist and nicest dog ever!

Today you have read a little about three of the more popular house pets. Hopefully, you have learned a little more information than you previously knew about at least one of these household critters, and might even be interested in someday taking one home for your enjoyment.


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