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All Times Writers and aspiring writers know the feeling. They know the feeling of disappointment and regret. They know the feeling that you get when your article doesn't get in.

Almost all Whyvillians have probably tried writing for the Times. A lot of us aspire to be more famous, and to be known. But, only a lucky few articles end up in that one coveted position: the front page of the Whyville Times. We all read the articles that actually do get in, but we don't pay much attention to those that don't.

So when I logged on to the BBS yesterday and saw that someone was angry about their article not getting into the Times, I felt I should ask him about it. I interviewed Funkchik2 about not getting into the Times.

I asked these questions, and got these answers:

Xion2: How many articles have you submitted to the Times in the last week?
Funkchick2: I submitted 2 articles.

Xion2: How did it feel when those articles didn't get in?
Funkchick2: I felt very disappointed. I spent a lot of time writing those 2 articles, and I put al ot of effort into them. I have even checked every hour or so, just to make sure I corrected any mistakes, or fixing the wording and sentences. I feel like nothing I do on Whyville is good. I feel like nothing I do on Whyville is appreciated. I feel let down.

I would just like to cut in and say, you are appreciated. Every Whyvillian is appreciated for all they do for Whyville. Now, back to the good stuff.

Xion2: Have you tried changing your writing for the better?
Funkchick2: I have thought about giving up. I have thought about trying again. At this point, I'm not sure. I will probably try resubmitting my articles, and changing anything that doesn't look right. If I tried changing my writing for the better, it better be worth it.

Xion2: Any thing else you want to say?
Funkchick2: I would just like to say, that even if you spend over 4 days, over 2 hours each day working on just 1 article, you never know what happens. No matter the time, the effort, the tries, you may still get rejected. Let me tell you this, it's not easy getting rejected. Alot of people tell me that since it was my first time writing for the times, there's nothing I can do but keep on trying. But just be aware. It hurts.

Thanks Funkchik2 for answering the questions honestly!

As you see, though a lot of effort is put into every article, not every single one gets in, and the disappointment is very sad. Hopefully, even if your first few articles didn't get in, you will keep trying. Keep revising your writing, keep coming up with newer, greater topics to write on, and just plain keep writing!

Whyvillians, this article is not dedicated to disappointment, as many of you probably think. This article is for all the hard work that does sometimes go unnoticed, all the work that people never see. The work of the Editor, who has to read hundreds of articles a week, and has the tough job picking the top 20 or so. The hard work of all the famous writers and articles that do get in. And most importantly, the work of the aspiring writers, the people who work really hard.

So Whyville, this is Xion2 going to read the Times. Goodbye.


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