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This is iBeBekah, reporting on one of Whyville's most recent and popular activities: Roleplaying! You've probably seen it in the BBS, or read about it in the Times. A "Roleplay/RP" section was recently added under the Books and Writing section, much to the joy of frequent roleplayers.

Roleplaying has become very popular on the BBS, also known as the Forums. There are many other sites that are strictly roleplaying, either about one genre or subject or many different ones. It involves posting short sentences or paragraphs called Point of Views, or POV's for short. Roleplays come in many different genres, and all participants create at least one character whom they use throughout the roleplay. But why do so many Whyvillans enjoy this so-called roleplaying? I caught up with a few of the BBS's most frequent roleplayers to find out.

iBeBekah: Why do you enjoy participating in roleplays?

Keiiah: I don't know. It's just fun sometimes.
LoveEmma: Roleplays help me with my writing skills and sometimes my grammar skills.
Anionett: I like them because I can pretend to be anyone I want, and I can do anything I want. It's like my own fairytale that I can share with my friends.
iBeCookie: Most probably because it's fun and improves my writing skills and it's a good opportunity to communicate with other Whyvillians through your writing.
YayaPie: I love to write, and they give me an interesting thing to write about.

iBeBekah: What type of roleplays do you usually participate in or prefer?

Keiiah: Action roleplays, and science fiction, or fantasy.
LoveEmma: I usually participate in Harry Potter roleplays and I enjoy any type usually, though I'm not a big fan of dark roleplays.
Anionett: I tend to prefer role plays that seem only a little bit out of the realm of possibility, like things with super powers.
iBeCookie: I prefer roleplaying in types of mystery role plays. So that while my character is trying to solve the mystery, I can as well.
YayaPie: I like action/adventure roleplays.

iBeBekah: Do you like to make many characters, or just one character that is usually the same?

Keiiah: Normally just one character, and she's always the same.
LoveEmma: I have about three characters, so honestly it depends.
Anionett: I tend to stick with my main character, Liz, but I have two or three others that I use if I think they would fit better.
iBeCookie: I really only like making maximum two characters, one boy and one girl if necessary. Both of them are always the same.
YayaPie: I like using the same character over and over. It helps you to really become that character.

iBeBekah: Do you feel that roleplaying fulfills some fantasy such as in the Harry Potter and other book-related roleplays?

Keiiah: No comment.
LoveEmma: Yes, yes I do.
Anionett: Definitely.
iBeCookie: Not exactly.
YayaPie: I don't understand this question.

iBeBekah: Do you believe that good writing skills are necessary for roleplaying?

Keiiah: Not really, but it does require correct spelling. If someone doesn't use correct spelling, it'll annoy the other participants. And no chat speak!
LoveEmma: If you want the roleplay to be a success, then I'd say yes.
Anionett: Yes.
iBeCookie: Yes, absolutely, positively, yes.
YayaPie: Definitely. I don't like role-playing with people who don't use proper punctuation, and use chatspeak. Also, if you have better writing skills, it makes the RP more interesting.

iBeBekah: Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to roleplay?

Keiiah: Always read the rules!
LoveEmma: Don't make Mary Sues, don't complain, don't use chatspeak . . . oh, and don't be a "spotlight hogger". At one time we all are, but try to avoid it - I've done that, and now I try my very best to avoid it.
Anionett: Be creative, try not to offend anyone, have fun, and most of all, use proper spelling and punctuation.
iBeCookie: If you're going to roleplay with me, unless you want a whole lecture, I suggest using proper grammar.
YayaPie: Use proper grammar and make sure to check back on the roleplay often.

There you have it! Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the interview: Keiiah, LoveEmma, Anionett, iBeCookie, YayaPie, tootsy78, and Misha201. A special thanks to YayaPie, whose recent article inspired this interview.


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