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I was backstage at a minor sized theater; I had a concert that night. It was my first; I was terrified that I'd forget my words, or mess up my key. I heard them announce me, and I climbed the stairs to the stage. I walked up to the microphone and greeted all the people who came to see me sing. There were some pretty major record label people there, I couldn't blow it. I sung my first song, by the name of "Catch It If You Can." All the songs I sang I had written myself, I hoped they'd catch the attention of the record labels. The song "Catch It If You Can," is a song I had written about a year ago; it was one of my best back then. I had written it about a boy who kept letting the girl of his dreams chase after him; but in the end, he had to chase after her. I took a drink out of my water bottle and talked to the crowd a bit before I resumed my singing.

The next song I chose to sing was called "Hold On." I wrote this song for my Great Grandma, who had inspired me to hold on to my sanity even when things are hard. I was really nervous after I was done singing that song, but I had my lucky ring on that my Great Grandma gave me, so I knew I could do it. I was getting loud responses after every song, so I figured I may be doing well. I didn't want to get a big head about it, I needed to focus. 'I want to be signed, I need to get my head in the game,' I thought to myself. The next song I chose was the second to last one I had left. It was called "Let Loose." "Let Loose" is about letting loose, having fun, and letting go if you're having a bad day. I was allowed to take a break after I was done singing that song, and after I went off stage I thought I was going to get sick. All the excitement was starting to take a toll on me, but I could hear my Great Grandma in the back of my head telling me to be strong. I toughened up and regained myself, and when I walked out there; I was ready to sing my most challenging song.

The song "Lead me away," is a song about breaking away from your everyday routine and trading it for something new. It has lots of long and high notes, so it was by far the most challenging out of the 4. I sang and played electric guitar for this song, and I played very well in my opinion. It was the best performance I ever had of that song. I didn't know if the people in the audience thought so too, but I can only hope that what I did was good enough to get myself through. I was told to go backstage after performing my last song, and a record producer would meet me back there. The one I saw was the one I wanted to go and sign with since I met her; her name was Diana. I never really caught the name of the record label, but she pulled me aside after my show.

She said, "You were fantastic, I really think signing you to our label would be a great idea." She said with a smile. I gasped as my mother signed some papers, I was officially signed to a label. How could this happen so fast? I don't want my work to overshadow my relationships with my friends, I don't want to lose them. I called them all after the show and they told me that they were very happy for me and want me to go far. It brought tears to my eyes because if I ever make it to the big time, I never want to lose touch with them.

What I am trying to send across with sharing this experience, is to never give up on your dreams and always go after them. You never know what good may come out of them. I followed my dreams, and it got me what I've been hoping for. Please, follow your dreams; don't ever give up.

Author's Note: My concert took place on March 1st, 2011 in Alberta, Canada. Follow your dreams Whyvillians!


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