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Caught in a Whirl

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Aah, Whyville's pool party. A wonderful outdoor retreat where the fun-loving Whyvillian can, well, swim in the pool, or have a party! What else?

Two Whyvillians, Talula and Colette, were sitting by the pool when they noticed something just a tad different about it. It was turning different colors and sucking up anything that even got near it! Colette, being the wily little rascal she is, suggested that Talula take a little dip in the pool to see what would happen to her.

Of course Talula was completely against the idea, but Colette was a persistent one! So with a little shove, Talula was flushed down the whirlpool like a helpless little goldfish heading down the oval office. Up on safe dry land Colette was laughing at her friend's misfortune, and apparently speaking Spanish . . .

In a matter of seconds everything in the pool, Talula and the floaty (who we shall refer to as "Enrique"), were poofed onto the wing of a plane, flying 30,000 feet above the air. As you can all well imagine, falling might hurt a little, so Talula was scared out of her mind. Enrique, on the other hand, was living the dream that all pool floaties have been dreaming of since the beginning of time.

Sadly a strong gust of wind came by, and Enrique and his dreams abruptly started crashing down to earth. As they were falling, Talula spotted another whirlpool in the clouds.

Could this be their ticket home? Will Talula and Enrique be ok? Or will they end up in even more danger? Find out next week in "Caught in a Whirl"!



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