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Goodbye Senators!

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Hello Whyvillians! As you all know, the Senate Race is upon us! We have been so excited, and so focused on the first senate elections in almost 2 years, that we have seemed to have forgotten our 3 current senators: Steve6, Rain15133, and Ducky646.

I wanted to get some of the input of our senators about the election, and about how they feel about leaving after so long. I interviewed Steve6, and asked these questions, and got these answers:

Xion2: How long have you been a senator?
Steve6: 20 months

Xion2: What are your feelings about stepping down after such a long time as senator?
Steve6: I think it is exciting to see a new election underway and can't wait to see how it all plays out!

Xion2: Do you have any advice for the runners and the next senators<
Steve6: Spend time in chat rooms and get to know several new people! You need to be dedicated to Whyville, and friendly to everyone who wants to share ideas with you!

Xion2: Have you been able to accomplish any of what you wanted to?
Steve6: We are still in the process of accomplishing what we promised in our platforms. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as saying this is what we want to do, and then it magically happening the next day. The CWs are very busy and meeting with the senators to discuss how to implement certain ideas was not one of their priorities.

Xion2: Are there any other comments you would like to add?
Steve6: Good luck to all the candidates!

Thanks Steve6 for answering these questions!

As you all see, instead of the standard 3-month term of a Whyville Senator, the current senators have served about as long as the 2-year term as a United States representative. They have been very dedicated. You can also tell that being a senator isn't as easy as it looks. I think all the people running should all look at Steve's advice about going into chat and to getting to know a lot of people. Hopefully all you senator hopefuls will be as successful, and popular as all these past senators. You have to remember; people are looking up to you. You really have to work hard.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the senators for all the hard work, and effort they put in. It is very kind of you, and like I said, being a senator is harder than it looks. Thanks for the two years of dedication, and for all you have done. And thanks to all of you past senators, and all of the future senators have, still are, or will be helping Whyville, and making a lot of contributions. Thanks to you all!

Good luck everyone, and thanks to all the past senators,


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