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Avatar Size Change: We're So Tiny!

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I was certainly surprised when I logged onto Whyville, on Friday, and discovered that everyone on at the top of the chat screens were extremely tiny. So I decided to interview a few people to see what everyone else was thinking about the new change.

cosinki: Do you like the new avatar sizing changes in chat rooms?

Fantax3: Yes.
Jillith: No, I loved how we would always stay big. You weren't even that small before it was changed the first time. Makes me wanna eat some cows!
DashaFOO: Not really.
Zx888xZ: It's a very unique experience for sure. But I'm not positive yet about my opinion.

cosinki: Do you miss the old avatar sizes in chat rooms?

Fantax3: No, but also yes.
Jillith: When we were big? Yes! I'll be staying at the bottom from now on.
DashaFOO: When we didn't turn into tiny little boxes, yes.
Zx888xZ: The voices in my head are saying, "No," so I'm going to agree with them.

cosinki: What was your reaction/first thoughts when you realized the change?

Fantax3: "I'm a cookie monster but mini version!"
Jillith: "Dogonit!"
DashaFOO: "Omg? What?"
Zx888xZ: "Holy nacho jalapeno cheese sauce with onion flakes! What is happening? I look like a jelly bean! Aaah!! OMG, hey this is cool"

cosinki: Do you wish there was an option to turn this feature on and off?

Fantax3: Somewhat.
Jillith: Yes!
DashaFOO: Omg, yes.
Zx888xZ: Yes! Options are always a snazzy idea.

cosinki: Is there any other way that you would have preferred the sizes to be?

Fantax3: They should have a bar for every citizen from 1 to 100% for showing their size that they want to be.
Jillith: Just big everywhere.
DashaFOO: I'm fine with it, I just don't like the fact we turn into squares.
Zx888xZ: I'll have to think about this over the course of about a week and 2 days before I come up with any ideas. But I think the way it is now is good.

Thank you for reading and I'd love to see what your opinions are, so please discuss what you think of the new changes in the BBS!


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