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How to Play Kalah (And Win!)

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Whyville has many games, and many are popular. Checkers is pretty hopping, Microbwars is often played, and Simon says has a decent amount of citizens enjoying it. One of the games that doesn't seem to have a very large amount of players though, is Kalah.

Kalah is my favorite game on Whyville for several reasons. First off, there are many different ways it can be played. There are constantly new strategies and techniques that you can learn in order to win in this game. Before I teach you any of these though, the set up of the game should be introduced.

Before you do anything, read the instructions for Kalah here: Kalah Instructions

The first step to Kalah is getting familiar with your board.

Now it is time to begin the game.

Now you should have finished the game with North winning. This exact game can be reversed and South can win if South starts the game. Also, there are HUNDREDS of other ways to win this enchanting (and sometimes obsession-forming) board game. Hopefully this tutorial can inspire you to head over to Kalah, go into the pit, grab a partner, get in a room, and enjoy what happens to be my favorite game Whyville has ever had.


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