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You've all seen them, whether it be at South Beach, at a Beauty Contest, or on the BBS. Who are they? The WhyPolice. These somewhat unpopular citizens will 911 report anything they see in chat that they don't like, or think is inappropriate.

Today, I interview one of the WhyPolice - the cheif, p0iice, formerly Whyp0lice. I asked her about who the WhyPolice were for and what they did.

Xion2: What is the purpose of the WhyPolice?
P0iice: The purpose of WhyPolice is to report wrong in Whyville and cleanse Whyville of bad people. I monitor chat rooms and beauty contests.

Xion2: What kind of things do you report people for?
P0iice: We report people for anything and everything that breaks the rules, such as bad language, inappropriate avatars, and stuff like that.

Xion2: How do you take the criticism from the citizens?
P0iice: I don't take criticism from people of Whyville. If they are going to hate for no reason, then that's not my problem, it's theirs. I usually vape/silence them without warning.

I would just like to say, people feel they have a right to get mad; a right because you report them for saying something wrong. But, as you readers can all see, the WhyPolice feel they are only doing good, and like real police, feel only the criminals dislike them, which isn't completely true.

Xion2: How many people are on your force?
P0iice: Just two people. Myself and Ponyguri1. We previously had about 5, but that didn't work out. It seems to function well with just the two of us since we are the ones really dedicated to this job.

So Whyville, obviously the WhyPolice feel they are truly doing the right thing. So before you hate on them, remember that you are getting in trouble for a reason, and that there are young children on this site, even if they don't make up that much of our population. However, I do understand that Whyvillians feel like they should say what they want to. And if someone takes it offensively, that person will report it, if it even gets through the filters.

One of the main things Whyville prides itself on is how safe it is. You aren't allowed to say what you want, mainly for your own good. Whyvillians, next time a WhyPolice members says he/she is reporting you, think for a second about whether or not you would want little kids to see it.


Editor's Note: We'd like to make it clear that the WhyPolice, or any other similar organization, are just normal citizens doing what anyone can and should do; but they are in no way officially recognized or supported any more than any other citizen.


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