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Forgotten Places

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Hello Whyvillians! This is Xion2, here to talk about some places that used to be popular here on Whyville. It's sad that a lot of popular chat rooms have basically been abandoned, even though just a couple of years ago they were the most popular places on Whyville.

The first place used to be the main spot for WhyDaters and the place where A LOT of parties used to take place. Many of you Oldbies know it - it's the Pool Party. There used to be about 20 people in there; now there are none.

Another former popular place is the Playground. People used to have fun pretending to slide down the slide and go on the swings. Sadly, this to has been abandoned.

This next place was still hosts all the parties, but is pretty much abandoned throughout the rest of the year. People used to hang out here. Though never the MOST popular place, it still normally had at least 5 Whyvillians there. Today, it is completely abandoned. It's the Sportzplatz.

There are also several games that used to be popular. People used to love the games Kalah, Checkers, Tic Tac To, and this one - Simon Says. Be sure to carefully listen to and follow that all-too used to be famous old man's instructions. People used to rush there to play . . . so much for that.

So, today, I am saying people should start returning to those places; maybe just take a look back. You might see that you like these chatrooms. I am just saying to go and look at them; at one point they were popular. It's not like they or we have changed. If we just went back to them, maybe we would love them.

Thanks Whyvillians for reading and looking at the pictures!



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