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Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

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Recently, there have been some things going on in Whyville. There was the "clam heist" (it made the home page!), and then Whyville had to be reset back to Thursday. Some accounts were banned, blah blah blah, and now kids are angry about it! But just how hard is it to keep Whyville running?

After looking at the 'Suggestion Box' located in the BBS, I decided to go look at some things that were changed. I noticed a thread that was talking about a friend tracker -- Well, go on to the Map and click "friends", and there you have the friend tracker. There is a suggestion asking for a food section in the BBSes, and if you go to Health and Science, you can see there is now one called Food & Nutrition. I made a thread in the BBS asking if they were going to change the 10 (on Whyville's name in the corner of the screen) on the birthday background, and now Whyville can celebrate any birthday it needs to!

People on the BBS weren't happy about how things turned out, and were throwing blame all over the place! So, I asked some Whyvillians about some respect stuff . . .

Jillith: Do you think City Workers really deserve our respect?

shelli223: Yes. People should respect the City Workers for all the work they put into listening to peoples' questions, suggestions, and concerns, and trying to make Whyville the best it can be for its citizens. It's more than just a job for these people. They actually care about Whyville's citizens, and try their best to make everybody happy.
xSugarr33: Well . . . yes. After all that happened last weekend, I realize how stupid it was for people to get all mad at the City Workers. Without them, there would be no Whyville.
Kittieme: I do believe the City Workers deserve our respect. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't even have Whyville. A lot of technical difficulties happened the weekend of the twentieth and citizens were getting very angry and disrespectful. I believe that this is intolerable because of all the good things Whyville does for us.
x3cathx3: In my opinion, City Workers have made many mistakes this past week. But that doesn't take away from all that they put into Whyville. They're human. Even if they make mistakes, they still deserve respect.
AlexisPee: Of course City Workers deserve our respect! They work for Whyville, but basically they work for US, because they're always answering our questions and helping improve Whyville.

Jillith: What are some ways we could show respect to City Workers, without spamming their inboxes or the BBS?

shelli223: Maybe by chilling out a bit and not bashing them for everything that goes wrong. Just by behaving decently to everybody. They just want everybody to get along and have fun, and not cause too much trouble.
xSugarr33: Hmmm. I don't know. Perhaps not trying to scream at them at every time a mistake is made?
Kittieme: I think that we can just be civilized and not ask for too many things. They give us what they want to give us, and little gripes and complaints can get irritating.
x3cathx3: You could show respect by -not- spamming their inboxes or the BBS. If we just continue on with our Why-lives, and give them time to fix what they need to, we could show that we believe that they'll get everything sorted out.
AlexisPee: Making face parts for them, like you do with the I Heart Lopan and Cakeltame dog.

Jillith: Do you think Whyvillians deserve the same amount of respect as the City Workers?

shelli223: Well, everybody deserves respect. People should show them more respect than they do. The citizens should also be respected, since we are their way of making money. But without the City Workers, we wouldn't be here, so they deserve a bit more respect.
xSugarr33: I believe everyone should have the same amount of respect. After all, we're all human.
Kittieme: I believe everyone should be treated with respect. I think that this respect should be distributed pretty evenly because we don't worship certain City Workers or Whyvillians over the rest. It's just not fair otherwise.
x3cathx3: Yes. I think Whyvillians work just as hard as City Workers do to make Whyville work. AlexisPee: Whyvillans are real people, too. Just because City Workers do more for us, doesn't mean you can treat one of us bad.

Jillith: Why do City Workers/Whyvillians deserve our respect?

shelli223: City Workers care about us, and respect us, so we should respect them. Everything they do is to make Whyville better for its citizens.
xSugarr33: Well, like I've said earlier, without City Workers, there would be no Whyville. Without them, perhaps that glitch someone reported years ago would still be happening. In fact, without them, there would be no one to report the glitch to. All they do is help us and improve Whyville for us.
Kittieme: City Workers deserve our respect because they are living, breathing human beings just like us. They have families and lives and believe it or not they aren't zombie clones that live in their mother's basement eating tator tots and fish sticks till the wee hours of the night. They've got better things to do with their time, but they still give us so much attention and do a lot of things we ask.
x3cathx3: Because even though we don't get paid for what we do, without us, Whyville wouldn't be the website that it is.
AlexisPee: Because all they do is help us. They also discipline us, but it's for our own good.

Jillith: Just for fun . . . who's your favorite City Worker?

shelli223: I guess I would have to say CakelTame. He seems to be the most active City Worker, and I think he genuinely cares about our concerns as citizens.
xSugarr33: Hmm. Probably CakelTame. Because he answers questions in the completely fun "BURNNNN" way. Haha.
Kittieme: I don't really have ones I like or dislike extremely more than others but I really like AMae because I love the whole Whyville Times program, lol.
x3cathx3: Probably CakelTame. But Lopan's a close second.
AlexisPee: Wow. That's a hard one. But Lopan is seriously funny. So Lopan.

I also decided to ask CakelTame and Lopan a question . . . yep, only one, because I'm sure I know the answers they'd give to the others!

Jillith: On a scale of one to ten, how much work does your job consist of?

CakelTame: I don't know if I can answer that on a 1 to 10 scale. It is definitely not the most physically demanding job I've ever had. But I have had jobs that require much less cerebral action. Some days [like yesterday] I am intensely embedded in work for hours and hours. Other days there are no pressing projects and no major problems to resolve. So on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being an undercover government agent and 1 being a studio test audience, my job is most days probably a 4.
Lopan: 100% crushing the hopes and dreams of little children everywhere!

Okay, Lopan . . . *cries*.

Maybe it isn't so hard to operate different parts of Whyville, maybe it's not a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, maybe it's not even a 5. But you're not doing it, are you, Whyvillian?

Author's Note: There's been some commotion on the BBSes about respect, so I thought I would share this article.


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