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Hello My Fellow Whyvillians,

Well, thanks to so many of you for your awesome support, I have reached the the finals of the Senate Race, and I couldn't have done it without all of you who voted for me! Thank you so much for supporting me and having faith in me!

For those of you who didn't get a chance to read my platform the first time around, I hope you will take the time to read it now and to get to know me.

For starters I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Zoey, my Whyville accounts are iCouture, ItsMeZoey and Wavarly.

I've been a Whyvillian for almost 3 years, but I don't consider myself and oldbie or a newbie, I just think of myself as a WHYVILLIAN.

I try to be friendly and nice to everyone I meet. In real life, I like to hang out with my friends at the movies or the ice skating rink, I cheer on a local rec. cheer squad and I am a flyer on a Compitition Squad. I also belong to the Youth Equestrian League in my town as well as 4-H Club, and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). I love Science, especially Anatomy, Physiology and Chemistry, and I also enjoy spending time with my church youth group. and I first heard about Whyville from friends in my homeschool group 3 years, and then 2 summers ago I broke my leg and ended up stuck on the sofa in my house for MONTHS! Whyville got me through those dark days when I was literally dying from boredom waiting to get the cast off.

On whyville, I'm a whyville designer and I also write sometimes for the times. I also enjoy participating in the BBS, although I don't get to spend as much time there as I would like. I decided to run for Senator NOT because it was the popular thing to do, popularity doesnt interest me at all, and also not because everyone else was doing it, I honestly do not care to follow the crowd, but because I see that some real changes could improve the "WHYVILLE EXPERIENCE" for all Whyvillians. And it is my sincere desire to try to make at least some of those changes become a reality.

Now onto my ideas for Whyville.

I think change is good and having said that, I would like to see some changes in Whyville, here they are in no particular order.

1. No expirations, parts will not expire and will no longer require pearls to renew.

2. There will be more contests with prizes such as pearls and exclusive limited edition parts.

3. An upgraded face factory tool set, with preset shapes, lines, and an all important UNDO/REDO BUTTON!

4. More FFVS popping up in more places

5. Changes to PETS including patterns instead of solid colors and real pets like kittens, puppies, and monkeys instead of just lumpy shapes. Also more variety of accessories, and a PET ADOPTION center, where you can foster a pet temporarily for clams instead of pearls. This way everyone can have a pet!

6. Salaries have gone up in whyville leading to higher costs at akbars, but yet newbies still get the same amount of starter clams, new people should get 200 starter clams to accomodate the higher rates and costs that have accumulated over the years.

7. Better percentage rates at the bank on CDS to grow your clams faster, also other investment options besides just CDs and your savings account, perhaps some risky stocks with greater percentage rates.

8 A Whybrary, where you can read a variety of different books and the books will change each month, there will also be a book club attached to it, book club members will meet once a week to discuss the book of the month.

9. There are literally a plethera of places on whyville that can be improved in very small ways, like a first and last page on the BBS posting, a multiple delete function in your satchel so you can get rid of old parts and make room for new ones, a next page at the bottom of your face parts page so you dont have to scroll back up to change the page, an improved city records that allows you to add a photo and html.

10. The return of the long shirt in akbars, honestly there is no difference between a long shurt and the double shirts that are being made and approved now. Poor Akbar is so logged down trying to do approvals eack week, but if long shurts were accepted again, he would have half the work to approve, and it would take up half the space in our stachels.

11. A mentoring program between Oldbies and Newbies, where the Oldbie would be assigned a Newbie for a week and would be responsible for teaching the Newbie all there is to know about WV, there would be incentives to both the oldbie and the newbie to complete the program, and it will improve relations between these two groups that are often divided.

12. Style studio improvements, including being able to set a price for select parts, a clear button to get started easier, and other improvements to make the style studio experience better and more satisfying.

13. Petitions to major corporations signed by whyvillians soliciting support for Whyville to keep this wonderful place that we have all in many ways "grown up" with going and going and getting better and stronger in the process.

14. A status update feature that allows you to change your status anytime while you are on Whyville, you can for example, say: "hanging at the sunroof" or "In a BC at Mars" or "Designing at the face factory" or even just "Im bored, entertain me please?" but you could type anything in the staus that you would be able to type anywhere else om WV.


I hope you will all like my platform and will consider choosing ME to help lead Whyville into the future and to help make it a better and more fun community for all of us!!! I will now go make myself a fluffernutter sandwich. Mmmm.... (Yeah I know, RANDOM, but I couldnt help myself because all i can think about right now is a fluffernutter)

Thank you for your time in reading my platform, and for your VOTE and your SUPPORT!

Most Sincerely,


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