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Joker63 '11 . . . I have hot cocoa! The Best Senate Choice. Save the llamas.

Senate Ideas

1. Name scions
2. Design animated parts
3. Oldbie privileges
4. Design projectiles
5. Better Art Pad for Face Factory
6. More Y-mail helper privileges
7. Citizen of the month
8. Color search in Pick your nose
9. Whyville Concerts
10. More Scavenger Hunts
11. Actually Receive donated parts from grandmas
12. A Drop feature (drop clams to give to others)
13. A "BRB" Icon
14. Picture Scroll in trading post
15. FFV Spots Switch again
16. Whyville TV
17. Better Y-pet treasures
18. Re-Open the classifieds section in Times
19. An archive in Akbars that contains parts of the past that are no longer in stock.
20. Delete Posts you Created
21. A forward button for Y-mail
22. A Save Different faces feature in pick your nose
23. A Feature that lets you judge what is "rare" in Akbars
24. More "secret" teleport destinations
25. Night and day mode
26. Citizens create their own room
27. Chat with friends in another room through pop up window.
28. Longer chat bubbles (depending on how many letters)
29. Transfer Or not to transfer pearls checkbox when purchasing pearls
30. Rate Users At trading post (I.P. protected)
31. Simon Says And checkers Prizes
32. Mailbox folders.
33. Change Face Parts on Y-Pets
34. More then one Dance for People of 80 Days or more.
35. Bigger Scion Rooms
36. Meet the Makers bulletin board Of questions asked during
37. Vaporize Scions
38. Vaporize Pets
39. Vaporize Solar Parts
40. Block Spam Such as 40 Smiles in a row.
41. A corrections area in the B.B.S for rejected articles (choice of writer)
42. Random Y-mail Tips To Newbies
43. Own A Whypet day
44. Mass Delete button
45. Restore button for deleted parts
46. Turn off links
47. A boy and girl search feature for Akbars
48. Specializing your city records
49. Face Part Folders
50. Designer Search In Pick your nose
51. Date Search In Pick Your Nose
52. New Arrivals Alert
53. Face part tag
54. Personal trading rooms that allow you to boot
55. Change the colors of your avatar
56. Be able to move your head
57. Change colors of rooms
58. Comment on Petitions
59. Rate Petitions
60. Loan scions to friends
61. Loan Whypets
62. Have A free chat candy day
63. Whyville superstars on homepage (Most clams Best salary, etc)

Instead of typing an explanation for each idea I invite you to post your questions in the BBS to get a broader look at which ideas are most popular!

Remember It's not about the senator, It's about the people.

Joker63 '11

A better future

. . . with hot chocolate!

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me in the first round for your support! If it wasn't for you we couldn't make this possible!


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