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I'll be the voice of the people.
Vote Skrill and your choice will be equal,
to that of mine, I shall set no facts aside.
I'm here to entertain hence the rapping rhymes,
so here is my, idea formulated in the mind,
of the most creative of guys.

Hello Whyvillians! My name is Drew, and I'm here today for a few reasons but first and for most I'd like to thank you all who voted me into the top 7. I'm very grateful to have this opportunity. Most of my fellow candidates are probably going to list off a bunch of idea's to make Whyville a better and more interesting place to spend time, I however am going to share one single realistic idea with you and the City Workers. So here it is.

Most of you if not all of you complain about your part's expiring am I correct? Part's expiring is always a crummy time for us Whyillians and it's not really realistic to have Whyville take away the expiration of part's due to the fact that no one would make much money off of their designs at Akabars, and we would no longer have rare parts ect.. Well what would you say if there was some sort of compensation for expiring parts? I'm assuming I have gotten your attention by now so here is my idea. The Pawn Shop When I say Pawn shop a few thing's probably pop into your head. The most relevant however is most likely the idea of buying and selling. Well I want to talk about the selling part of that thought. What if Whyville took the time to open a new room labeled The Pawn Shop. My idea here is that in this room any Whyvillian can take a part that they have bought from Akabars that didn't fit them or they didn't like, and pawn it in. Good Idea right? Keep in mind however just like the pawn shops in real life you cant expect to get the full value of your used part back. Most pawn shops give you about 25% of the retail value of your product.

In my opinion the pawn shop would make a good addition to Whyville as well as give compensation for expiring parts. Thank you all for reading, hope I intrigued you with my idea, I have many more but you are going to have to wait to hear them. Good luck to all other candidates and I will see you all around Whyville.



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