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Health, Sports, and All That Other Junk

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Diving in water, throwing, hitting, passing, catching and kicking balls, running for speed or distance, moving your body in unique and beautiful ways - it doesn't matter what sport you like, they're all exciting. There are many different kind of sports, but each are a healthy way to burn calories and (usually) are good ways to have fun. Some sports need a group of people to play on a team, and some are ones where you can have fun doing it individually. No matter what sport is your favorite, almost everyone is sure to have one they favor more than the others.

I went around to various chat rooms and the BBS to ask which sport was your favorite. After a surprising amount of answers, I made a circle graph with the recorded data.

After creating this table, I decided to interview several Whyvillians on their favorite and least favorite sports. I thought it would be interesting to see why some sports were favored more than others.

I asked these questions:

Kittieme: What is your favorite sport?

TlNl: Football, actually.
XSugarx3: Swimming.
Kmg333: Swimming.
KeineReue: Baseball.
RoxRoxie: My favorite sport is dancing. Some people do not call it a sport, but I say it is!
Jason9289: My favorite sport would be football.

Kittieme: What do you like most about your favorite sport?

TlNl: It's not something you see a lot of women play, but it's actually really fun.
XSugarx3: It's literally the ONLY sport I'm good at. I'm not athletic. At all.
Kmg333: I guess it's the freedom of being in water just swimming away from all your troubles and how it feels when you first dive in to that pool; it's so refreshing. Also, knowing that even though I'm part of a team, I'm still doing this independently is cool - and that I'm the only one pushing myself to go further.
KeineReue: I actually know what's going on when I watch it.
RoxRoxie: Well, one thing I like most about dancing is that is just comes naturally to me. Also I think it is quite fun.
Jason9289: I play it!

Kittieme: What is your least favorite sport?

TlNl: My least favorite sport has to be golf.
XSugarx3: Umm. Football.
Kmg333: Soccer.
KeineReue: Uhh, golf.
RoxRoxie: Hmm, I might say my least favorite sport is football.
Jason9289: Darts.

Kittieme: Why is this your least favorite sport?

TlNl: I'll have an awesome swing all ready to connect with the ball, and I miss it!
XSugarx3: It's annoying to me when people talk about it non-stop, and I'm plain horrible at it. It's not even funny.
Kmg333: Simply because I'm terrible at it! I usually space out when playing soccer since I'm so bored and I get a ball kicked into my face!
KeineReue: Because it's boring.
RoxRoxie: Football is my least favorite sport because I just find it boring.
Jason9289: It's so boring!

Kittieme: How important are sports in your life?

TlNl: I wouldn't say they are the most important thing in my life, but they play a small part in it.
XSugarx3: Admittedly, not too important. Like I said, I'm not athletic.
Kmg333: Not that important . . . I prefer to work out at the gym for my daily exercise than play a sport that I will not enjoy.
KeineReue: They're important . . . ish . . . sorta.
RoxRoxie: Sports are somewhat important in my life. I am sometimes in soccer and dancing. But sometimes I am not in any sport(s).
Jason9289: Pretty important! They keep me off my lazy butt 24/7.

Kittieme: On a scale of 1 to 10 how important is physical fitness in your youth to you?

TlNl: 8. It's important, sure, but like I said before, it's not the most important thing.
XSugarx3: 9.
Kmg333: 10 because fitness is really important in a healthy lifestyle. If you don't exercise in your youth, it's just going to bite you in the butt when you're older. Yes, eating healthy is one thing, but you need to burn off those calories and physical fitness will do that!
KeineReue: Like a 5 or a 6.
RoxRoxie: I would say 6, 7 or 8.
Jason9289: I choose ten.

I would like to thank Jason9289, RoxRoxie, KeineReue, Kmg333, XSugarx3, and TlNl for their great answers. I thought it was really interesting to see how your answers turned out.

I personally feel that physical activity (not necessarily just sports) is really important in a person's life. I have seen family members and other people who haven't lived very healthy lifestyles suffer in their older years, and I wouldn't wish some of their medical conditions to anyone.

I myself am trying to live healthier and I would hope that most of you are willing to make any lifestyle changes it might take in order to live as happily and as long possible! Thanks again to whoever has helped me make this article, and I wish you all a good (and healthy) day!


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