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Happy Birthday Whyville!

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Aloha, Whyvillians! As I'm sure you all know, Whyville recently turned 12! During the birthday celebration month, Whyville does plenty to pump up the spirits. One of the most exciting aspects of this special month is the annual birthday party that is held in the Sportplatz. This year, Whyville promised us a party to remember, and let us down they did not! In the midst of all this excitement, I skedaddled down to the Sportplatz promptly at 3 PM to join in the festivities. I had a blast as well did many others! If you missed out on this special even, here's a recap.

I arrived at the party destination a tad early to find a few other anxious Whyvillians waiting for the festivities to begin. The waiting crowd was bursting with energy and excitement, looking pretty snazzy in their birthday party attire.

When the party finally started everyone filed into a beautiful room that was lined with pretty decorations, but alas -- in the middle of the party sat QUITE the atrocity, the evil face part expiration machine! If we Whyvillians wanted to rid our beloved site of the expiration dates, we had to bring down the machine that controlled it all. To defeat the machine Whyvillians catapulted themselves at it with a running start or could choose to throw projectiles at it for a more powerful punch.

After spending some time battling the machine, I decided to check out the other party rooms. First, I wandered upon the contest stage. Here Whyvillians could see who the top votes were for the birthday contest! Many Whyvillians were campaigning to climb their way to the top.

Next I moseyed on down to the musical chairs room. This was my personal favorite part of the party. Here Whyvillians could play a wholesome game of musical chairs, fighting to sit down before the other guy could steal their chair. If you were the last one standing, you got booted out to the side to wait for the next game. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun here.

Back at the main party room, there was a brilliant sight to see. With all the hard work the Whyvillians put into the fight, the evil face parts expiring machine had finally been destroyed! A loud "huzzah!" went up in the crowd, and City Hall, herself, came along to celebrate with us. Face parts would no longer be expiring!

I must say, this will definitely be a birthday to remember. I had a lot of fun at Whyville's party, and I hope all of you had a good time too! Many thanks to all of the City Workers who threw together this AMAZING birthday bash. I can't wait until next year! Happy 12th Birthday Whyville!


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