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Goodbye Senators: Part 2

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Hola Whyvillians! Many of you read my article interviewing Steve6 about how he feels about leaving the office of senator after so long. I learned that while he is happy that another election has started, he still is some what sad he has to leave office. In the BBS, there was a little bit of demand to interview the other two senators. So, I y-mailed the other two: Ducky464 and Rain15133.

Xion2: How do you feel about leaving after so long in office?

Ducky464: I'm kind of glad, to be honest. I've had my turn, but now I think it's time for somebody else to fill my spot . . . after all . . . I was a senator for almost two years.
Rain15133: Ohmygosh! I am so sad! It has been amazing working with Steve and Mira. Although, I am not leaving. I will still be on Whyville and I will still be here to help any citizens who have questions or want to know any information. I am also so excited to get new Senators and see what they can accomplish!

Xion2: Do you have any advice for the people running and the next Senators?

Ducky464: Check out my article, ID #11904 for all of my advice.
Rain15133: My advice is if you're running, please run for the right reasons. It's no fun if we are going to have a Senator who just ran so they could do nothing. It's unfair to the other citizens who really want it. Also if you're running, it's good to keep a good reputation and be nice and loyal to the citizens, you want to show them you have respect for what you're running for and that you take it serious. It's also important you speak with the other Senators who get elected, and make sure you get along with all of them. You really have to be a team. And it's hard to be a team when you don't get along with one of the Senators.

Xion2: Have you enjoyed being a Senator?

Ducky464: Of course. I just wish the City Workers would have been more active with the Senator thing . . . it never really goes anywhere (that's what the next people have yet to learn). I understand they're busy people though, so it's okay!
Rain15133: I have enjoyed it a lot! It was a great experience and I gained a lot of learning experience too. I loved working with Lopan and the other City Workers for the first couple months that we did. Thank you again for everyone who voted me into office with Steve and Mira. I loved working with them! They had so many good ideas and suggestions, and they were so easy to work with.

Xion2: Did you accomplish what you wanted to?

Ducky464: Somewhat yes, but somewhat no. As I said, if City Workers listened to us more I'd be more satisfied. As I also said, they're busy people so it's completely understandable.
Rain15133: I did accomplish what I wanted to. I wanted to be a great Senator, or the best I could be. I wanted to help Whyville citizens and be able to answer any questions they had or even help them out with giving them clams or game tips! And I did accomplish that.

Xion2: Anything else you want to say?

Ducky464: Good luck to the top 7 finalists! Congrats on making it thus far.
Rain15133: I just want to say that I wish the BEST LUCK to all of the candidates running! I cannot wait to see what the future of Whyville has to bring.

Well Whyvillians, there you have it. Though sad to leave, all 3 senators are excited to see what has yet to come, just as we all are. They all feel accomplished.

There is one answer that I must comment on. When asked if they accomplished what they wanted to, Ducky464 answered that it was difficult to get the City Workers attention. As you guys know, they have been in office for almost two years. That's not completely because the City Workers liked them, though I am sure they did. It is mainly because over the last couple of years, the City Workers have been very busy, and have not been able to work with the Senators. That's why we haven't had a race in so long. However, I remember years ago that the Senators' opinions were very appreciated, and when they had meetings almost on a weekly basis. Let's hope that the City Workers go back to paying a lot of attention to the senators.

This is Xion2, off to vote, see ya!


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