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Face Parts Forever

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A giant, sketchy-looking machine appeared in Sportplatz on March 25th, 2011. Whyvillians beat and hammered it with multiple blows and projectiles, slowly taking all its health away. "Why were they doing that?" you ask?

The giant machine was featured on Whyville's homepage, and it was called the Face Part Expiration Machine. I'm going to call it FPEM for short. Anyway, the FPEM would grab and gobble up all the expiring face parts from our satchel. And they were never seen again . . .

We were told that if we could beat this giant, horrendous, evil machine to a pulp, face parts would no longer expire! Therefore, many Whyvillians put all their elbow grease into destroying the face-part-gobbling fiend. Now, face parts will no longer expire. I decided to ask a few Whyvillians some questions to see what they thought of this change.

iBeBekah: So, face parts are no longer expiring. How do you feel about that?

Anionett: I'm quite mad. Now I have thousands of pearls sitting around for nothing.
xSugarr33: To be honest? I'm pretty upset. I mean, I don't really understand why they would take it away . . . they'd probably lose a lot of money from pearls.
Deadsnaii: I feel sad.
AlyssaMia: I don't like it, I think it's frankly . . . stupid.
Krissai: I feel relieved! I get those y-mails notifying me that my face parts are expiring in so-and-so days and I have 3 more of them.

iBeBekah: Some Whyvillians believe that by making this change, we are eliminating rares and cutting back profit for designers. Do you agree?

Anionett: Yes, I wholeheartedly agree.
xSugarr33: Yes. I do.
Deadsnaii: I agree somewhat, because if you really like your face part, you will buy it after 90 days. Now you'll have it forever.
AlyssaMia: Definitely. Now that parts don't expire, if you stock it, everyone will have them and you and those people won't make any profit out of it.
Krissai: Hmm, it's the designers decision if they would like to restock, and if you keep them they are rare to you. As I said it's the designers fault/decision if they want to restock or not restock, so it can be rare if they wish it to be.

iBeBekah: Have you been hoping to see this change for awhile now?

Anionett: When I had no good parts or pearls, yes, but now I really want the expiration dates back.
xSugarr33: Hoping for it? I'd been dreading it.
Deadsnaii: Are you kidding me? No!
AlyssaMia: Yes and no. I mean, Face Parts never expire, so woo! Don't need to buy pearls, but that'd leave Whyville with less money to improve . . .
Krissai: I have been snoozing around to see what changes have been made, but saw none. And then I was at the Birthday Bash for Whyville and a blue box appeared saying "Congratulations, you have beat the machine, face parts no longer expire." So yes.

iBeBekah: What do you think of Whyville's "Destroy The Machine" idea?

Anionett: It was creative . . . but I really don't want parts expiring.
xSugarr33: Cute. Funny. I liked Lopan's cries of "Noo!" and making all the Whyvillians "shake". But cute or not, I still do not support the change.
Deadsnaii: I didn't attend the party because I have a computer time limit, but it was clever even though everyone knew it was going to happen either way.
Alyssamia: I don't know, it was amusing at first but then it just got boring.
Krissai: I think it's a great idea to give us the chance to defeat face parts expiring, which in the end we did.

iBeBekah: Do you believe that we're better or worse off without the expiration of face parts?

Anionett: Worse of. Definitely. This will ruin Whyville just like Rebecca Black ruined Friday.
xSugarr33: As I've implied: much, much worse.
Deadsnaii: I think the question depends on who you ask. For older people and designers, most of them will probably say worse. The rest will probably say better. I say that part of me has died and shriveled away in my virtual life of face parts.
Alyssamia: We're better off without it. I mean OK you love your face parts, but some of us liked it when they expired.
Krissai: Better off . . . we waste our money for a 90-day use . . . now we don't.

As you can see, there are different opinions on the recent change, though most I interviewed seem to think negatively of the recent change. Thanks so much to everyone who participated: Anionett, xSugarr33, Deadsnaii, Alyssamia, and Krissai.

This is iBeBekah, getting the scoop on the latest Whyville news.


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