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Fact or Fiction: Bigfoot

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Many places around the world have their own myths and legends. In the past two articles in the series Fact of Fiction, you have learned about a Latin American myth, and one that comes from Scotland. In today's article, I will introduce a beast who has been said to "roam America and Canada frightening campers and scientists for decades." Today, you will learn about none other than Bigfoot, (or Sasquatch,) the tall, dark, and rather hairy beast that has supposedly been caught on cameras, and has left tracks.

The creature Bigfoot, (also known as Sasquatch,) has been a legend dating as far back as 1600's. The Native American and Canadian Indians named this monstrous creature Sesquec, which means "wild man of the woods." Other early sightings and stories about Bigfoot include a newspaper in 1794, that informed the public that the Indians had captured a wild beast who seemed to be a tall and furry human being. These Bigfoot sightings were also recorded in the early 1800s, mostly in the United States. By the mid 1850's, miners at the Gold Rush in California had reported seeing Bigfoot. Several people also reported seeing small and hairy creatures just like miniature Bigfoot. Some believe these were the offspring of two Bigfoot.

By the time the twentieth century came around, Bigfoot was defiantly a very popular creature in the Western United States and Canada. Since photographic evidence of a Bigfoot is very scarce, most people would hunt for Bigfoot tracks. There were several incidents where people have thought to have found the rather large footprints of a Bigfoot. Here is a group of three pictures of what are believed to be the footprints of Bigfoot.

From these pictures, you can see that many people might be out there making fake "proof" of Bigfoot.

There have also been supposed photographic evidence of Bigfoot. In 1967, two campers, named Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, were riding horses up in northern California. There, they witnessed what they believe is a Bigfoot encounter. They saw a hairy beast that walked with an ape-like movement, who to this day they believe is Bigfoot. Patterson grabbed his camera and took pictures of the creature. Down below is a picture of the beast they claim to have seen.

There's been a lot of speculation as to if this picture was real. To this day, no one can prove it is fake, but no one can say it is 100% real.

To be honest, that is how all Bigfoot sightings and stories are like. No one can locate a zipper to "monkey suits" that could have been used in photographs, but no one can honestly prove that Bigfoot is real. There has been a lot of information and research on Bigfoot out there, but no one can truly bring in a Bigfoot as "proof" but at the same time, no one can say that the information is false.

Everyone has their own opinion on the beast, but let me ask you this: Do you believe in Bigfoot?

Author's Note: Source: The Unexplained, Bigfoot By: Michael Burgan.


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