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Have A Couch, Man

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Have a Couch, Man
Living rooms available in Myville

      They've been making big changes lately out there in Myville. Today marks the introduction of rooms to the inventory of Myville homeowners. Once added to a house, the 8x8 room brick enables an owner to design an entire living room of chairs, plants, tables, and rugs. In the next few weeks, visitors to your home will be able to enter the room and tell you how much they admire your interior decoration, because each room will become a chat room in its own right!

by cyranojoe
Times Staff

      Marty Buildenhammer, head foreman for Building Blocks Construction, says, "It's been a lot of work to make these rooms ready, but we're hoping that everybody will get plenty use out of 'em. Make sure you set your rooms up, because people will be able to visit your house, although they won't be able to chat just yet. And eventually you'll be able to customize more extensively, like painting your walls and such."

      Remember, in order to be able to enter your room, you'll need to go to the building applet and place the room on your plot, like you would any other brick. Make sure that the door in on the outside, and not blocked by anything.

      Although there isn't a great deal of furniture yet available, each room has plenty of space to create hundreds of different configurations. And every person will get a different set of furniture. See Bigfoot Bill's column on "Calling All Potatoes" to read about how to use the interior decorator tool.

      Myville officials want to encourage creative designs; a contest for the most beautiful home, outside and in, is being considered for the next month. You'll be sure to hear the details about it here, in Whyville's one and only newspaper, the Times!


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