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Spring Break

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Yes, it's that time of year. The flowers are blooming, the birds are flying, and the sun is finally peeking out from the shadows! I've got Spring Fever! In this article, I'll be interviewing Whyvillians on where they went, or where they plan on going for Spring Break of 2011!

LunaLolli: What is your opinion on getting a Spring Break?

tanibanan: Without Spring Break, we would have all of the last half of the school year, no break, except for a three day weekend or two. Kids would be totally burned out, so Spring Break is a good thing to me to give us just a break.
Krissai: Good and bad. Good part: the break off of school, bad part: make up days.
meg4ever1: I love being able to have a Spring Break, because I can have a break from all my school work and being able to catch up on what's happening in my family's lives.
xoxosawa: I love it. Finally, I can relax and spend some time away from homework, tests, projects, and all sort of stuff at school.
AliChic: I really enjoy it, I think we need the time off.
Identify: Alright, I guess. It's good to get a break off of school once in a while.
Amelia4ev: I think it's a great idea. The student can take a break midway through the school year.

LunaLolli: Have you had Spring Break yet?

tanibanan: Not yet! But I'm super excited for it!
Krissai: Yes.
meg4ever1: Nope.
xoxosawa: No, I haven't had my Spring Break yet. I can't wait though, to have it soon.
AliChic: Yup.
Identify: Nope.
Amelia4ev: Yes, my spring break was the week before last week.

LunaLolli: If you have had Spring break, where did you go (if anywhere)?

Krissai: I didn't go anywhere. Stayed home, but spring break was awesome.
AliChic: I didn't get to go anywhere, sadly.
Amelia4ev: I went to Mexico for a week. It was a great vacation.

LunaLolli: If you haven't yet had it yet, where do you plan on going?

tanibanan: I'll be staying home a lot of it, sleeping in and watching movies!
meg4ever1: During Spring Break I plan on going to Washington.
xoxosawa: Since I didn't get Spring Break yet, I would love to go to Colorado to see my family. I miss them a lot, and I'd love to spend time with them.
Identify: I'm planning on going to Savannah or Alabama. I just wanna go somewhere where it's hot.

LunaLolli: Where would your dream vacation be? (This can be anywhere in the world!)

tanibanan: I would absolutely LOVE to go to Spain. I'm in Spanish at school, and we see a lot of videos of it. It looks so beautiful!
Krissai: Um, it would be in Florida.
meg4ever1: My dream vacation would be in Maui, Hawaii.
xoxosawa: My dream vacation is to go to Disney World, you know maybe even Sea World. I haven't been to Disney World at all, my parents never took me when I was young. Now, I am apparently too old for Disney to my parents. I wish to go there one day before I turn too old.
AliChic: I've never been on a family vacation so anywhere would be fine with me, as long as we went on a family vacation.
Identify: Hmm, my dream vacation would most likely be a trip to Alaska! I kind of like the cold, even though most people don't.
Amelia4ev: My dream vacation would be going to Italy. They have great food and lots of history there.

LunaLolli: What is your favorite thing about Spring in general?

tanibanan: The sun! I live in Washington, where it rains almost all through winter, so the sun that Spring brings is really nice!
Krissai: No school.
meg4ever1: My favorite thing about Spring is being able to not go to school and to be able to see things change, like the colors of leaves.
xoxosawa: My favorite thing about Spring is hearing the birds in the morning, feeling the bright sun against my body, feeling the warm, cool air through my hair. I just love to feel Spring.
AliChic: Getting a break from school.
Identify: I don't really have a favorite thing about Spring.
Amelia4ev: To just take a break from all the exams and hard work. It gives us a chance to call our friends and talk about interesting moments, and what we plan on doing for the rest of the year.

Well, there you go! Spring Break is a great time to sit back, relax, and have fun! I'd like to thank tanibanan, Krissai, meg4ever1, xoxosawa, AliChic, Identify, and Amelia4ev for patiently answering all my questions. I'd also like to thank all you readers for taking your time to read my super long article! Please feel free to discuss your thoughts on Spring Break in the BBS. I hope you all have (or had) an ecstatic Spring Break of 2011!

Off to the beach,


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