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Saving the Reefs in Whyville and Fiji

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The South Reef is being overfished and, as many of you have observed, this is having a devastating impact on the coral reef ecosystem. However, I've seen the Whyville community take action by designing over 50 Face parts, completing over 90 surveys, and donating over 1 million clams to Save the Reef! I am sure with a Reef Management Plan and our continued support to Save the Reef, we can have a healthy South Reef once again!

But what is the point of all of this? Why should we act to save a virtual reef? Well, all of your observations and actions are about to pay off. We need you to use your knowledge of coral reef biology and conservation to help save real coral reefs in Fiji! You can help by joining FijiReef (http://fijireef.ning.com), a community of marine biologists, scientists and teens in America and Fiji committed to conserving coral reefs in Fiji.

Fiji is a chain of islands in the South Pacific, and they have some of the most beautiful and healthy reefs in the world. However there are real threats to these reefs such as overfishing and pollution. In FijiReef you can read blogs and watch videos from experts and teens about the species that live in these reefs and learn about their very real threats. You can use the hundreds of photos in FijiReef and your coral reef expertise to write your own blogs or create your own videos about these problems.

Oil floats atop the water of Suva Harbor in Fiji.

http://fijireef.ning.com ? Stacy Jupiter, WCS Fiji

Pollution like this, often from large international fishing ships, is a major source of environmental degradation in Suva.

Finally you can work with teens in America and Fiji to create a real conservation plan for coral reefs in Fiji! This plan will address the problems for reefs in Fiji, and you can share your ideas with the FijiReef community. The best ideas will be voted on and the Fijian teens will make them a reality in the last week of April.

FijiReef teens in Suva, Fiji.

http://fijireef.ning.com ? Armstrong O

Time is running short! Join FijiReef and help save these beautiful and vital coral reefs!

Fijian Coral Reefs

http://fijireef.ning.com ? Stacy Jupiter, WCS Fiji


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