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Burn Books

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I'm sure everyone knows about the "Burn Books", or "Slap Books", as they are known, on the BBS. They might be jokes, but they are hurtful. There might be a Slap Book on BBS, and a lot of people want to be on it (of course). On the BBS, it's a joke, nothing hurtful, or something that will harm anyone! But some people have started blogs and sites about "hating on people who deserve to be hated on". Mostly, I think this is a bad idea, just mean people doing their thing. I decided to ask other Whyvillians about this.

So today I have with me tacodaddy, Ibemehxxx, Writes, and WhyP0P0.

DocVP: What are your opinions on Whyville Burn/Slap books?

tacodaddy: They're fun to read, only when they're a joke.
Ibemehxxx: They're hilarious! Pathetic people doing nothing but hatin! But haters gonna hate.
Writes: Slap books are messed up! People are just being rude!
WhyP0P0: Burn Books are mean, Slap Books rule! *slap*

DocVP: Have you guys ever been in a Burn/Slap Book?

tacodaddy: Yes, LoL, someone wrote I had a face that smelled like acne?
Ibemehxxx: No, I rarely look at them, but when I do, I'm never on them.
Writes: No.
WhyP0P0: No, I write in them, LoL.

DocVP: Do you think Whyville Burn/Slap Books should be stopped?

tacodaddy: No, it's just people having fun bashing other people's emotions. Nothing wrong with that.
Ibemehxxx: Only if the Burn/Slap Book is about me or Elmo, I'm good.
Writes: Yes, they're stupid.
WhyP0P0: No!! Those burn books are my life!

DocVP: Do you think people take these books seriously?

tacodaddy: Nope, not unless they started sobbing uncontrollably because someone said something about their virtual face.
Ibemehxxx: Elmo and I aren't in the books. We were only in there once, so we don't care. Do we Elmo? *kisses Elmo*
Writes: I sure would, someone's causing trouble! If they did that I would - Oh, let's keep this PG.
WhyP0P0: No.

DocVP: Who do you think would write about you? And why?

tacodaddy: I'd write about me, and I'd say he's a handsome devil.
Ibemehxxx: I don't know who wrote about me, but I know they wrote that I was a scammer and liar.
Writes: Umm, I don't think I should answer that.
WhyP0P0: DocVP would write about me, because I'm a superstar.

Okay, well, there you have it. That's all for now folks!



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