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Everyone's seen the "groups" around Whyville. You know what I mean: South Beachers, Sun Roofers . . . but what about the cat clan?

The Whyville cat clans have been a big part of my Whyville life for the past few years. The clans include Thunderclan, Skyclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, and more. Most people think that the clans were just made up on the spot by a few Whyvillians, and we dress as cats just to show that we are in our certain "group". There is so much more to the clans than that, and I decided to interview the leader of Thunderclan to tell us more about it. Here is coolio382!

tanibanan: What are the cat clans?

coolio382: The Whyville cat clans are basically a group of people who all like, have heard of, or want to learn about the "Warriors" cat book series by Erin Hunter. These people got together and created our own role play version of the clans. We "become" our own clan cat and act out our own clan lives, while still following all the same rules (with a few exceptions since this is just an online role play) and we have a great time doing it.

tanibanan: What are the different ranks in the clans?

coolio382: What rank you have pretty much depends on how long you've been in the clans and how hard you've worked to gain rank. The first rank is a kit, which is what you start out as. After six months (in the book, on Whyville it's usually shorter) you become an apprentice and get a mentor who is a warrior to train you to be a warrior. After you finish your training, you become a warrior. A lot of people stay warriors their entire Whyville life, but some become the deputy of their clan. When the leader dies or retires, the current deputy takes their place. One can become a queen if they are female and have kits, and when you're old enough, you can become an elder.

tanibanan: What are some of the things that you do in the clans?

coolio382: In the clans, an apprentice learns how to hunt and fight. There's also vocabulary specific to the clans that an apprentice learns, like a human is referred to as a twoleg. We role play disasters and the like, which sounds a lot worse than it actually is. We have a lot of fun in our role playing.

tanibanan: What is the warrior code?

coolio382: The warrior code is the code that all cats of the clans must follow. It's basically the guidelines and rules of the clans. Without the warrior code, there would be no real clans. The code defines us and our ways. The code includes rules such as no harming a kit, of any clan, no killing to win battles or any other reason, and kits have to be 6 months (again, this has been slightly changed on Whyville) old to become apprentices.

tanibanan: Has being in the clans made your Whyville experience more fun?

coolio382: It has. I think the only reason I even come on Whyville anymore is to participate in the clans. It's become a really big part of my life online, and I've made a lot of really close online friends here.

I would like to thank coolio382 for participating in my interview, and I hope that this has showed you "twolegs" more about what we do in the clans.



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