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Food Fight: Part 2

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Welcome back to "Food Fight"! When we left last time Hershey and Marissa were surrounded by a bunch of unfriendly looking Whyvillians! Suddenly, a nicer looking person comes into the room.

The girl introduces herself as Lizzi. She tells Hershey and Marissa that the crazy looking Whyvillians they first came across were called "JimClones." She then asked why Marissa and Hershie were dressed up as food. They were both surprised that Lizzi thought they were in costumes; this was their real selves! She then invited them to a place called the Style Studio. She said that she would design Marissa and Hershey some cool looking avatars, so that they would fit in and not be attacked.

They decided to get avatars that looked like two everyday girls. This would be best in order to fit in.

Once they had their looks, both food -- I mean girls were very excited! Lizzi then decided to take Hershey and Marissa to a popular chat room.

Lizzi then was ready to leave. Marissa and Hershey started to panic. If Lizzi left them, they wouldn't have anyone else to go to with their questions about Whyville. Going purely off adrenalin, Marissa and Hershey plotted a scheme.

What in the world could happen next? Stay tuned for the next part, "Food Fight: Part 3"!

Pengwhen's Note: I just want to say thanks to Kittieme. She is one of the most fun people ever to do a comic with. She is A to the W to the E to the S to the O to the M to the E, woot!


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