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From the clothes I wear most of the time, you'd think I only have like ten items of clothing. I can't help it though; they're comfortable and awesome looking (sometimes). I just can't help but continually press the snooze button until I have no choice but to wear the same five things over and over and over . . .

1. Mesh Soffe Shorts

I have them in every color. I have a drawer in my dresser lovingly labeled the Soffe Drawer (the SD for short). I have so many pairs of Soffes that I have friends come over in the wee hours of morning when I'm still sleeping to get a pair of pants. It's ridiculous. I mean, they give them back clean and everything, but if I've become a walking billboard for the amount of Soffe's that I own, maybe I should stop wearing them so much . . .

2. 2008 Steelers AFC Conference Champion Sweatshirt

Thank you, Mom, for apparently not realizing they also won the Super Bowl that year, but instead opting to buy the conference champion sweatshirt. Otherwise, it's awesome. I'm not wearing it so much now that it's regularly 80 degrees outside, but still. Any time I might remotely be cold, it's sweatshirt party time. It has no good luck whatsoever, though, since I completely bomb every test I happen to be taking whenever I'm wearing it, so I refuse to wear it on test days and, as a result, on Steelers game days, since I don't want the bad luck to move over to my team! But still. Most comfortable sweatshirt in the world.

3. T-Shirt that Explains What School I Go To

I mostly wear this shirt at school. Where everyone who is also on campus also goes to that particular school. They know I go to this school. Otherwise, why in the world would I be taking biology? For fun. Haha, no. College shirts for the school you go to are cool for when you go home and want to show off that, yeah, I am in school, not out wandering about country. Not for college algebra classes.

4. Jeans

Jeans? Why would jeans be on here? Because I live in them. And not a variety of cuts and styles and colors. When I find a pair of jeans I like, I buy five in that exact color, cut and style. I'm about 95% the person who sits next to me in political science thinks I never do laundry. But maybe if I occasionally wore a skirt or a dress or, you know, a different style of jeans, she might not think that.

5. Flip Flops

All the time. Everywhere. I've worn them hiking during an environmental science lab (total mistake: I forgot it was lab day . . .). I've worn them in a foot of snow. I wear them on jean days and Soffe days. Seriously, every day in flip flop day in my world. And it's not like I only have one pair. Whenever Old Navy does the two for 5 dollars sale, I'm all over that. I once spent $45 on flip flops in one day. Despite the fact that I have probably twenty other pairs of shoes, flip flops just seem like the thing I grab first.

So what about you Whyvillians? What are five things that people think you must live in because you wear them constantly? I'm sure I've clearly described to you a person who does not to laundry or look fashionable in any way. But rest assured, I do my laundry twice a week, and I am pretty fashionable, thank you very much. Leave a comment in the BBS below and let me know what you wear constantly.

Going to wash my darks,


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